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Top 15 Questions Asked at Job Interviews-5&4

# 5 – What are your strengths and weaknesses?

A personal self-assessment can reveal a great deal about a candidate. It is always best to be realistic and truthful. When listing weaknesses be sure to include ways you hope to improve upon them.

Joe Redshaw, a Technical Recruiter at Addecco Technical in North Andover, Massachusetts, "I am really looking for honesty out of this question. It is a question that someone has to think about and cannot answer with a yes or no. It creates dialogue between us. With dialogue, you get to know the person better and learn more about them. This is not really a make or break question. It is just one I like to ask because you can determine a lot about someone, i.e. if they are cocky, shy, timid, arrogant, liars, etc."

# 4 – Tell me about yourself?

One of the best ways to get a conversation started, it invites the candidate to respond with candid and thorough answers. This gives the interviewer an overall impression of the person.

David A. Smith of Baltimore's David A Smith & Associates, Inc. stresses the significance of such a broad yet revealing personal question, "I prefer open-ended questions that allow and even prompt a candidate to open up and talk from their heart. Everyone can prepare power statements and responses to impress or BS. In speaking about one's families and dreams however, we, much more often than not, can get down to the real heart and soul of a candidate, have them "open up", and get a view from their eyes and perspective."

Many candidates are unsure exactly what information the interviewer desires in their answer, which leads to several common pitfalls such as too brief of an answer or irrelevant personal information.

Recruiter Tip: Josh Hatcher of Management Recruiters of Cordova, Inc. located in Tennessee suggests, "Keep your answers professional. The response should be about three to four minutes and should concentrate on your professional background. This would also be a good chance to work in some specific accomplishments."

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-J. Michael Worthington, Jr.
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