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What is a 1099 Worker?
In an effort to further clarify the various forms of contracting, here are some compensation definitions that differentiate the status(es) of the contractor. Contractors and consultants share the same set of options for employment sub-categorization, and the tasks that they perform for clients do not differ between forms of employment.

Age of the Free Agent
The amount of workers choosing to be Free Agents has steadily risen and number more than 12.4 million. Free Agents choose this work style for the ability to work independently and to better control their job security. While permanent or more traditional jobs give the appearance of having greater stability, in times of recession when job cuts and layoffs are underway this does not prove out.

Employers Opt for Staffing Agencies
Without question the number of workers choosing to be "independents" is growing by the day. They want the opportunity to advance their skills and experience within their industry, but don't want the politics and pressures that come with being full-time corporate employees.

Free Agent vs. 1099 Worker
Free Agents, in their efforts to plan and direct their own careers paths, have several options about how to be paid when they accept assignments from employers. These will be addressed in comparison to the status of 1099 Independent Contract workers.