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About the Staffing Industry

Staffing Industry FAQ's
Answers to some of the most common questions about the Staffing industry. Learn about who uses staffing companies, what kind of services they provide and what are the trends in growth.

Choosing a Staffing Partner
It is important when deciding to work with a staffing service to be sure that you select one that will best suit your needs. Here are some research tips and questions to ask to learn about the kinds and quality of candidates they offer and what the associated costs are.

Working with Staffing Professionals
Today, up to 90% of companies use the services of a staffing company and have established successful working relationships. Business executives are increasingly entrusting the recruiting process to the subject matter experts who have a wealth of resources and contacts within the business and job seeker communities.

The Online Recruiting Revolution
There have been astounding changes and developments during the evolution of the staffing agency in its 50-plus years of existence. Traditionally, the biggest sector served by the industry has been administrative support. Though these support services are still in high demand, there has been a huge shift towards recruiting professionals in Finance, Sales, Engineering, Information Technology, and Management. Technology and economic advancements are largely responsible for this change in focus.

Researching Staffing Associations
When researching staffing services, employers may want to inquire as to whether the agency belongs to any industry associations. A partial list of national associations and organizations to which staffing agencies may belong to or are affiliated with may be found here.