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Contract Workers Defined
Staffing agencies offer a broad array of services to their clients and candidates. The range of industries "temps" are placed in is ever broadening. So is the definition of a temp.

IT Contractors Surveyed
The fast trackers in the Information Technology industry tend to earn as much as 20% more than their full-time peers. Employers are willing to pay a premium to access these specialized skills. At the high and low ends of the wage scale are those who are either part-time by choice, semi-retirees, or new entrants into the industry and/or contractor sector.

Transitioning Through Temping
Who are the temps in today's staffing pool and what awaits them in their search for new opportunities? Many people while in the process of a job search decide that they want a complete career change and they are frequently turning to more technology-oriented opportunities. This transition is often best accomplished by temping.

Earnings in IT
From the broadest perspective, for I.T. pros, having the hottest skill sets is how you follow the money. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Implementation, Data Warehousing/Data Mining and Project Management professionals have been identified as possessing the highest paying skill sets.

Top IT Jobs and Salaries
There are many reasons IT contract professionals choose this independent style of work; flexibility, ability to choose assignments, earning potential and tax advantages to name just a few. But with all these advantages there is also a downside. They have to stay current in their field of expertise and keep their skills up to date in order to be competitive and land the jobs.