Field Service Technician (90 Percent Travel)
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Job Description:
> Looking for three (3) Field Service Technicians to be part of a team responsible for a Ballistic Upgrade / Retro-Fit Project of previously fielded units.
> Domestic and International Travel will be up to 90%
> The Ballistic Upgrade / Retro-Fit Units will include some electronic, mechanical, and pneumatic skills.
> IPC-A-610, IPC-A-620 or CIS IPC A J-STD-0001 Certifications (Current or Non-Current) are a plus

Summary / Scope of Responsibilities

The Field Service Technician will join a team that visits various customer sites to complete a Ballistic Upgrade / Retro-Fit on previously fielded units.

Job Description:

> Upon arrival, you are expected to meet and greet the customer and give them an overview of the activities you are there to perform.
> You will then be taken to an area where you can setup and conduct an initial observation and inspection of the unit(s). The results from the inspection will be documented on the appropriate forms; the customer will then signoff on the current state of the unit and give the authorization to begin the upgrade effort.
> Kits of material, tools & equipment will be delivered to each locations in advance of each visit. The team will be responsible for unpacking and inventorying the kits prior to beginning the upgrade process.
> Upon completion of the upgrade, a final inspection will be completed and the customer will be asked to sign off on the required forms. At the end of each upgrade a report will be generated to include all the signed paperwork and any supporting documentation that will then be submitted to the Production Manager.
> Before leaving site you will need to repack tools and equipment and prepare if for delivery to the next site. You will also be responsible for disposing of, or shipping back, unused material.
> It is expected that all members of the team represent the client in a professional and positive manner at all times.

Experience Level:
5+ Years

> 5+ years of manufacturing or field service experience with high school diploma; Associates degree or higher preferred
> Above average verbal and written skills for communicating and interacting with the customer
> Continuous lifting and moving of equipment up to 75 lbs.
> U.S. Citizenship & Passport with a clean background for entry to government facilities and military installations
> Clean driving and credit report for car rental and company credit card
> Metal modification and fabrication
> Understanding of basic hydraulic systems and mechanical assembly
> Experience with reading and interpreting written instructions (Schematics, work instructions)
> Experience with using hand tools and power tools (Drills, Saws, dremmel, ratchets, wrenches, screwdrivers, etc.)
> Forklift experience (current or previous license / certification)
> Crimping of various terminals (Barrel, Machine, MIL-SPEC, Various ring terminals, RJ 45, BNC)
> Utilization of Measuring tools (Calipers, Measuring tape, Multi-meters, etc.)

Mark A Ludwig
Vice President
Global American Staffing
Direct: (508) 434 ? 6180

Elkridge MD

Direct Placement

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Date Posted: 03/23/2018
Last Updated: 03/23/2018