Marketing Analyst / Database Marketing
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Job Description:
The marketing analyst will be responsible for database related projects supporting the marketing department.

Projects include managing database, email and response files to support database hygiene projects, profiling/segmentation projects, response trend projects, and more.

Experience Level:

* Must have at least 3 years experience working with
customer data files

* Strong MS Excel, MS Access, SQL, and SAS experience required

* Must be able to work in a fast paced environment managing projects with tight deadlines (turning around analysis within hours)

* 1-2 yrs "database marketing" and "list management" experience is required.

Desired (not required) Skills: - Working knowledge of digital media response data a plus (click rates, open rates for emails, page views, unique users, etc.)

* Experience working with marketing teams a plus

Education/Certifications: Bachelor's degree in related field required

New York NY

6 - 9 months

Pay Rate:

Date Posted: 05/24/2018
Last Updated: 05/24/2018