Sales Operations/Data Entry Coordinator I
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Job Description:
Role: Sales Operations /Data Entry Coordinator 1
Location: Austin,TX
Duration : 12+ months


  • Perform sales quality reviews daily to support over 100 SMB sales reps (grading quality of conversations)
  • Gain familiarity in chat, phone, and email sales motions to understand what makes sales interactions helpful and valuable
  • Use software and tools crafted for your role to facilitate and share these reviews
  • Maintain high standards for our team: remain objective and detail-obsessed
  • Surface qualitative and quantitative insights from your quality reviews
  • Follow-through on extra side projects if your interests and time allow
  • You value detail-orientation
  • You have strong written and verbal communication skills
  • You have the ability to gather insights and communicate them openly
  • You're a fast learner with a need to get things right
  • You consistently complete task-based work efficiently and reliably

Experience Level:


Austin TX

12+ months

Pay Rate:

Date Posted: 12/08/2017
Last Updated: 12/12/2017