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Role : Human Factors Engineer
Location : San Francisco, CA
Duration: 6+ months


  • UI/Human Factors Engineer (User Interface): Creates, evaluates and modifies prototypes to support evolving hardware and software application development.
  • May develop user profiles, with emphasis on human error control, display issues, visual interaction, physical manipulation and task and objective analyses.
  • Develops and applies software design/usability processes in the investigation of technical problems.
  • Provides product usability, evaluation and support to product development teams, including the analysis and investigation of applications/systems including tactile methods, visual graphics, web, multimedia, voice response and conversational user interaction.
  • May assist in developing design concept and implementation, providing input on user design considerations.
  • May produce specifications describing user requirements and internal structures for product in development.
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San Francisco CA

12+ months

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Date Posted: 12/07/2017
Last Updated: 12/11/2017