Technician Manufacturing Engineering III
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Specific Position Requirements

" This position will be for 1st shift, working 10 hour shifts and located at the 101/102 facility.
" It will require extensive use of laptop working with virtual systems and programming.

Excellent computer skills will be required. Following are the actions this position will be responsible for:
" Monitor the software programs that allow the OTTO conveyance system to function.
" This includes SCADA, Atlas, Fleet manager, and AMES support screens.
" Perform start-up procedures to turn on the OTTOs and enabling systems to be production ready.
" Perform the shut-down procedures to turn off the OTTOs and enabling systems when production is completed.
" Monitor the radio channel to respond to support calls from the production lines.
" Troubleshoot the issue using the various software support screens for the systems mentioned above.

Perform the necessary actions using the software support screens and software to resolve issues such as:
" Localize the OTTO which may require manually moving the OTTO via the software tools.
" Getting the OTTO back online after dropping offline.
" Putting the OTTO back into autonomous mode if it dropped into manual mode.
" Making OTTO available, unavailable, or in maintenance mode.
" Manually moving the OTTO via the software tools to resolve safety stops.
" Power cycling (turn it off and on) the OTTO as needed.
" Plugging or unplugging a laptop or other piece of hardware into the OTTO via a connected cable.
" Attaching a pendant to the OTTO and manually driving the OTTO to a specified location.
" Review logs of data to assist with troubleshooting an issue.
" Retrieve the logs of data and send to Clearpath for them to review data to resolve an issue.
" Work collaboratively with Factory Automation, IT support, and Clearpath support to resolve issues related to functionality of the OTTOs.
" Assist with software updates and mapping updates performed remotely by Clearpath.
" Assist with reinserting an OTTO that had been pulled from the line for repair.
" Enter data into a spreadsheet to document delays and downtime associated with the OTTOs or SCADA, including description of the issue, corrective action, date, station, OTTO number, etc.
" Reviewing the documented issues to identify repetitive issues and work with Clearpath or Factory Automation to implement solutions.

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Horicon WI

12+ months

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Date Posted: 11/29/2017
Last Updated: 12/14/2017