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Job Description:
The objective of the Marketing Organization and specifically the individual Sales personnel is to initiate, develop and maintain all business accounts for consulting services. This job description identifies specific functions that are direct responsibilities for all Sales personnel. This is not intended to be all-inclusive and can be changed at any time, however it is meant to provide a general description of the position and the company expectations for job performance.

Many of the individual responsibilities require coordination with either the management or recruiting staff. The company functions as a team and consequently there may be some cross-functional activities.

Many of the individual responsibilities require coordination with either the management or recruiting staff. The company functions as a team and consequently there may be some cross-functional activities. The most important activity and the key to all success as a Sales Representative is the ability to generate and close sales to increase the business if the company. This is accomplished by providing services to both existing and new accounts that have a need for information systems and other technology services.

The basic job description is as follows:

A. Identify a Target Market: In conjunction with the Marketing Manager, identify the specific corporate entities within the individual Sales Representative's purview. This target market may be structured functionally, geographically, technically, etc.

B. Develop a Sales Plan: In conjunction with the Marketing Manager, define a strategy for pursuing job opportunities within the target market. The following techniques should be implemented:

1. Cold Calling
2. Existing Account Maintenance
3. New Account Development

C. Requirement Identification: The objective for any client sales meeting is to identify a bonafide requirement. The Sales Representative is specifically responsible for qualifying the prospective client and evaluating the legitimacy, feasibility, and priority of every potential job. This includes a complete definition of the skills required, functional responsibilities, duration of assignment, rate structure, location, budget and/or purchasing constraints, deliverables, etc. The client managers, both technical and contract administration, should also be determined. All of this information should be detailed on the Requirement Requisitions..


D. Sales/Recruiting Interface: Sales Representatives should interface with the Recruiting department daily to ensure complete and accurate dissemination of all pertinent information between the two groups. The Recruiting department is responsible for identifying qualified candidates to match job orders.

After all technical and administrative evaluation is completed by the Recruiting staff, Sales Representatives at their discretion should meet and/or speak to each candidate to determine other applicable synergies. Assuming that there is an agreement that the candidate is qualified, the resume should be prepared by recruiting for submission to the client.

E. Client Interface: In most circumstances, the Sales Representative is responsible for all client interfaces. This includes submission of resumes for consideration, review of client interest, arranging for interviews in conjunction with recruiting, attending the interview if applicable, and follow-up for closure. When resumes are submitted, Sales Representatives should be prepared to provide billing data (rate) to the client.

The Sales Representative is responsible for all rate negotiation with clients and any subsequent interface regarding billing (i.e. purchase orders, etc.). The Billing Information sheet should be completed in conjunction with recruiting.

F. Staff Interface: On an as needed basis, the Sales Representative should visit staff members on billing. This will help to establish a rapport with the consultant and potentially lead to new job opportunities or referrals.

G. Management Interface: Sales Representatives will be required to attend regularly scheduled
staff meetings. Each representative should be prepared to discuss the progress on accounts, status of individual requirements and the candidates submitted. It is their responsibility to decide when requirements should be worked or closed for any number of reasons.

Experience Level:
5+ Years

The specific responsibilities are as follows:

1. Act as the primary point of contact for all of Citadel's business with the client.
2. Provide any and all documentation to the client that affects the business process.
3. Review any contractual documents provided by the client.
4. In conjunction with the Citadel management, develop and submit proposals, responses to Requests for Proposals (RFPs), preparation of Statements of Work, Purchase Orders, contract renewals and extensions, and any other business related contract type documents.
5. Conduct meetings with clients to evaluate current and future needs for IT resources.
6. Prepare internal documentation so that the recruiting staff can accurately evaluate the open positions and successfully screen potential candidates.
7. In conjunction with the recruiters, talk to potential candidates after initial screening and determine the suitability for the open position.

Iselin NJ

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Date Posted: 01/13/2016
Last Updated: 01/13/2016