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Job Description:
Excellent opportunity for a mid-level architect to work on multiple large commercial rehab/renovation/repair projects in Manhattan and Queens. This is predominately field work and not design.

Description of Work:
Candidates will assist the Resident Engineer (RE), or Construction Administrator/Manager (CA/CM) in day to day construction and administration activities for the Architectural work of the Stations Renewal/Component Repair, Elevator Escalators, Replacement or ADA Accessibilities projects in Mid-Manhattan Program area of Station Division - CPM. Candidates will also support in developing contract specification, Force Account Estimates, construction phasing plan, and project schedules for those projects in design and construction. Some of the construction activities are:
• Review/approve contract documents such as specifications, shop drawings and as­ built drawings.
• Visit construction sites to ensure that the construction work is performed based on the contract drawings and specification.
• Schedule/coordinate the Job Progress meetings.
• Prepare Engineering Force Account and TA Labor services requirements and their estimates.
• Review/update Project Status Reports and Constructware.
• Review/monitor project budget and take corrective action.
• Review/prepare/monitor the contractor's payments.
• Schedule and coordinate pre-final/final inspections and TA Labor supports services such as GOs, Flagging, Work Trains, Access and Protections, etc.
• Review, comment and respond to RFI's, shop drawings, and submittals between the designers and contractors.
• Review/Prepare scope of work, preliminary estimate and final package for Additional Work Order. Also, attend the negotiation meeting.
• Ensure and enforce adherence of the contractor to the NYCT quality assurance and safety protocols.
• Review/Prepare detailed inspector's daily report with Safety Check List.
• Support variety of administrative and other project-related activities such as preparing memorandums, reports and presentations; coordination between different divisions/department/users; filings construct documents; scheduling meetings; etc.

Experience Level:
3 Years

Qualifications Requirements:
A baccalaureate degree from an accredited college in Architecture.
A minimum of three years of full time experience in performing project management work such as planning, administering, managing, coordinating or expediting for a large and/or complex projects. Candidate should have at least one year of experience in supervisory capacity or work as a project manager for a large or complex projects.

Special Skills/Training Requirements:
Ability to read and interpret contract drawings and specifications.
Familiarity with NY State codes.
Familiarity with Construction Management Procedures. Ability to communicate effectively with excellent written, verbal, and communication skills.

New York NY

12+ months

Pay Rate:

Date Posted: 03/20/2018
Last Updated: 03/20/2018