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Job Description:
Excellent opportunity for a mid-level architect to work on multiple large commercial rehab/renovation/repair projects in Manhattan and Queens.

Description of Work:
Candidates will assist the Resident Engineer (RE), or Construction Administrator/Manager (CA/CM) in day to day construction and administration activities for the Architectural work of the Stations Renewal/Component Repair, Elevator Escalators, Replacement or ADA Accessibilities projects in Mid-Manhattan Program area of Station Division - CPM. Candidates will also support in developing contract specification, Force Account Estimates, construction phasing plan, and project schedules for those projects in design and construction. Some of the construction activities are:
• Review/approve contract documents such as specifications, shop drawings and as­ built drawings.
• Visit construction sites to ensure that the construction work is performed based on the contract drawings and specification.
• Schedule/coordinate the Job Progress meetings.
• Prepare Engineering Force Account and TA Labor services requirements and their estimates.
• Review/update Project Status Reports and Constructware.
• Review/monitor project budget and take corrective action.
• Review/prepare/monitor the contractor's payments.
• Schedule and coordinate pre-final/final inspections and TA Labor supports services such as GOs, Flagging, Work Trains, Access and Protections, etc.
• Review, comment and respond to RFI's, shop drawings, and submittals between the designers and contractors.
• Review/Prepare scope of work, preliminary estimate and final package for Additional Work Order. Also, attend the negotiation meeting.
• Ensure and enforce adherence of the contractor to the NYCT quality assurance and safety protocols.
• Review/Prepare detailed inspector's daily report with Safety Check List.
• Support variety of administrative and other project-related activities such as preparing memorandums, reports and presentations; coordination between different divisions/department/users; filings construct documents; scheduling meetings; etc.

Experience Level:
3 Years

Qualifications Requirements:
A baccalaureate degree from an accredited college in Architecture.
A minimum of three years of full time experience in performing project management work such as planning, administering, managing, coordinating or expediting for a large and/or complex projects. Candidate should have at least one year of experience in supervisory capacity or work as a project manager for a large or complex projects.

Special Skills/Training Requirements:
Ability to read and interpret contract drawings and specifications.
Familiarity with NY State codes.
Familiarity with Construction Management Procedures and in-depth knowledge of mass transit facilities. Ability to communicate effectively with excellent written, verbal, and communication skills.

New York NY

12+ months

Pay Rate:

Date Posted: 03/15/2017
Last Updated: 03/08/2018