June 21, 2018

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   Keyword Search Tips

Keywords are words, phrases and terms used to generate the best search results most closely matching your specific requirements. Net-Temps supports a complete Boolean Search syntax to give you more precise resume search results.

Using Multiple Keywords Search

  • Any of the Keywords -
  • Search results will contain one or more of the words you have entered in the search box.
  • All of the Keywords -
  • Results will contain every word you have entered.
  • This Exact Phrase -
  • Result will include all the words in the exact order entered.
  • Boolean Expression -
  • Allows a more specific search by separating keywords using "AND", "OR," or "AND NOT". Boolean phrases can be used in the ANY and ALL types of searches listed above.
    Using Complete Keyword Search Example Search Results
    No quotation
    systems administrator Will search for either the word systems or administrator or a combination of both words.
    With quotation
    marks (" ")
    "visual basic" Will search for the exact phrase "visual basic".
    Using the asterisk
    or wildcard (*)
    manag* The asterisk after a root word acts as a wildcard and will find all ending variations of the root word like manager, managerial, manage, management etc.
    Lower and upper
    JAVA programmer The results are not case sensitive and will include either or both words regardless if it is in either upper or lower case.
    Using the hyphen
    Excel -microsoft The - (hyphen) in front of a word will exclude it from the results.
    Using the tilde
    after a word
    java~ The ~ (tilde) after a word produces results with words that are similar to the keyword and can allow for possible spelling mistakes. Results could include words like lava or jave.
    Using the tilde
    after a phrase
    "microsoft excel"~6 The words Microsoft and excel will appear within 6 words of each other.
    AND excel AND powerpoint AND Outlook All 3 words will appear in the results. The Boolean AND command is used in order to require that all search terms come up in the search results.
    OR java OR oracle Java OR oracle will appear in the results and could also include both words. The Boolean OR command is used in order to allow any of the specified search terms.
    AND NOT java AND NOT oracle Resumes with only the word java will appear and without the word oracle. The Boolean NOT command is used in order to require that a particular search term NOT be listed in the search results. It can also be described as an Exclude search.
    Using Parenthesis
    (java AND oracle) AND NOT j2ee Both the words java and oracle will appear in the results but exclude j2ee. Use the parenthesis to group words or phrases.
    Combination multi-word and phrase search ("java programmer" OR "oracle programmer")
    AND NOT (j2ee OR "design engineer")
    Results will include either of the phrases java programmer or oracle programmer but will exclude the word j2ee and the phrase design engineer.