July 20, 2018

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Recruiter Meeting One - The Sales Club

Meeting One - Myself

Here I sit, waiting for ideas to flow from my brain and out onto paper. Ways to improve your salesperson, or if you are the salesperson, ways to improve yourself! My first thoughts are education (of course), seminars, reading, setting goals, etc. Then adjectives come to mind: improving, recharging, redeveloping, etc.

But, where do I start? If you have a sales plan that usually works, should you change it, recharge it, or scrap it and start from scratch?

I have goals, but are they still working after six years? Now that I think about it, they are old goals. The same monthly goals, month after month. All it does is make the year go by faster when I keep track of every thirty days. And to be honest, they just arenít fun anymore. Theyíre not making me feel very "goal-oriented." Fun is what most if not all salespeople need, or at least ongoing creativity. We're usually high maintenance, require new and interesting things in our life and need a lot of atta-boys to keep us going.

Fun has to be part of our job; otherwise, itís just another day until Friday!

So, as I write this I am thinking of how to improve myself, my goals, my plans. Iíve decided to go back and reread some books that charged me in the beginning, such as, "The Sales Bible," by Jeffery Gitomer. Iíve decided to read new books that Iíve been given, such as, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad," by Robert Kiyosaki. I am going to even sign up for some seminars. If nothing else, it just recharges your batteries when a group of people are in a room together with the same goal - to sell and sell well. There is an E-Mail Marketing Meeting at one of our four local colleges that I will check out too. Yep, I've decided to update my goals and create something that motivates me once again.

Iím going to talk to other sales oriented people in my corporation, my field and my industry. Iím going to pick their brains about ideas and how they recharge themselves and what they do to keep going.

How about once Iíve done all this, Iíll get back to you. Hopefully, you will have thought about it too and worked on some self-improvement as well. You would have come up with goals and ideas to motivate me and others! Hey, maybe if we all work on this together we can swap ideas!

Email me at and letís get CHARGING!

-Karen Connor
COATS Systems Sales Manager, a leading staffing software. More staffing articles are available at their site, Feel free to contact Karen directly; or 800.888.5894.