July 20, 2018

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Pardon Me

Every year when I leave my adopted New England home to reconnect with my New Jersey roots, my ears perk up to hear the local sayings; this year “Not for Nuthin” stuck to me this year like crazy glue!

The phrase caught my attention because it is unique. I guess that we just don’t hear the ordinary stuff. When you learn how the natives use it, you then understand what they mean. In Jersey “Not for Nuthin” is a way of saying “Pardon me, here is my unsolicited strong opinion and by the way I’m right about this so listen up.”

So here it comes at you. “Not for Nuthin”, but if you expect your team to increase revenue and profits you’ve got to do your part and just maybe you have to change a behavior or two yourself. Before you hire, do lots of due diligence and by all means do use a respected personality profile before you write that offer letter (email me for a couple of suggestions for profiles). It is said that what starts out poorly, ends up poorly. Be slow to hire and quick to fire. If your team has not had any skills training or coaching in the past few years, go out and find the best resources for them. Buy a prospect list and free your sales people up to set appointments with their time. Hold them accountable for “X” number of new appointments each week and for a percentage of new business from new clients each quarter. Measure and manage to get better results.

We are in the “eye’ of the Paradigm shift for the Staffing Industry. I don’t think it will ever be the same again from now on, evolve or be left behind. Hire a consultant or coach to work with you while you’re at it. Professional athletes all have coaches, why not professional business people and sales professionals? Expect to pay a reasonable fee and also expect to get both long and short term positive results for your efforts.

Top performing companies have good leadership and well developed teams. Why settle for anything less? If you keep doing what you’ve always done and expect different results…..Fugeddaboudit!

-Jim Della Volpe

Jim Della Volpe, The-StaffingCoach is a training / coaching specialist. He combines his passion for mentoring sales and management professionals, 30 years in sales, training sales management and coaching for his clients. Jim worked in IT Staffing for 10 years prior to starting Growing Tree Partners, Inc. in Hingham, MA. His website and email are and .