July 20, 2018

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2003: A Changing Marketplace

CHA-CHA-CHA. Changes. Frustrated? Scared a bit? Or not fazed at all? Your reaction may depend on whether you are a rookie or a seasoned Pro.

In an industry that is fueled by change, we sometimes are surprised when the change affects us. Go figure. Consultants like to use an old tale about frogs to teach a lesson. It is said that if you put a frog in a pan of hot water it will jump out, but if you put it in the water and heat the water slowly it will stay in the pan and ultimately die (Don't try this at home please). Perhaps some of us are feeling the heat and do not know what to do about it. Well, it's time to get back to basics and some face-to-face relationship building with clients and candidates.

Order taking is "out" and selling is "in".

Training and mentoring are more important and have high impact when you are ready to learn. Get in to a seminar to sharpen those skills. Find someone who has survived the ups and downs of our business and learn or relearn how it is done. Real recruiting is about personal contact and networking. It's about adding value, not just filling orders.

Managing is "out" Leadership is "in".

Management and leadership are connected but is not the same thing at all. Managers direct others in order to produce the desired results on time and on budget. Leaders must have a vision that allows them to venture into uncertainty. They must cut through the fears and confusion for their teams and inspire them to move ahead even without complete information. Course correction along the way will get them to their destination or darned close.

Embrace change as an opportunity to build a foundation for the next growth phase in our business. It, much like a long awaited New England summer, will surely get here.

Some firms and some people will leave our business during a downturn. The professionals will tough it out and perhaps even thrive.

Jim Della Volpe
Staffing Industry Consultant/Business Coach