July 20, 2018

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Hitting the Wall and Breaking Through It

Every one of us hits the wall on some days. You know how it is. Itís 2:30 pm and you still havenít made your first phone call, but at least you know the five-day weather forecast and the scores from last nightís game because of your internet research.

Sometimes, especially if youíve been in the business for a long time, the phone seems to get heavier and heavier. This is the most common problem that Iíve seen among seasoned billers and for some reason, the longer weíve been in the business, the more of a problem it becomes because we know better.

I figured out a way on how to put some juice in your day so that when this happens to you, you can push through it and get moving on and get over it and get back on that phone. I developed this technique because I still get that way as well.

Try this out the next time you find yourself doing anything but making phone calls:

Set a goal just for one hour, and then give yourself permission to blow off the rest of the day. Thatís right. Just for one hour, connect with as many people as possible, then give yourself permission to surf or catch a matinee for the rest of the day.

Hereís whatís going to happen when you make this conscious decision:

  1. First, you will actually get on the phone. Youíll break that habit of procrastination and will start doing what you are supposed to do.

  2. Youíll feel good about yourself. Hey, look at me, youíll think to yourself, Iím on the phone again!

  3. Youíll connect with people who will be interested in talking with you. You will have some good calls with candidates and clients and yes, theyíll be interested in talking further with you about things. All of a sudden, you are reminded that even though youíve been doing this business everyday for ten years, it still works and that talking to people over the phone doesnít hurt that much.

  4. Youíll forget about blowing off the rest of the day and will be excited about staying on the phone the rest of the afternoon. Youíll forget about that promise you made to yourself and will actually start making more calls. Who cares about checking out an afternoon movie when people want to do business with you. Forget about blowing off the rest of the day. Youíve got activity and have to move deals forward.
Remember that getting on and staying on the telephone (making quality calls, of course) is a core competency of the business. Use this technique to help you push past those dry spells of activity and to push through that wall of fear.

-Scott Love

Copyright © 2005 Scott T. Love Scott Love improves the performance of recruiters and the margins of search firms and staffing agencies. His training website,, has become one of the largest free internet training sites for the industry. To have him show your staff how to produce more than they thought possible, call him at 828-225-7700.