July 19, 2018

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Just How Good is That Candidate?

Use This Scoring Instrument To Find Out!

"Yes, I’m interested in having you present me to other companies. I’ll email you my resume right now."

Hold on there, partner. Before you start itching to get a new boat, how good is that candidate, really? In other words, what are those variables that keep deals from closing and staying shut, and how can you minimize your risk? The placement game is a game of probabilities. Understand how to increase the odds of a deal closing by learning to identify those candidates who are low risk. Use this instrument and compare that potential superhero against this kryptonite-shielding device.

On a scale of one to ten, ten being the highest rating, how does the candidate rank on each of these issues?

  1. The candidate displays exceptional work performance.
  2. The candidate is tenured with his or her company.
  3. Quantifiable results achieved in their career.
  4. Strong desire to move.
  5. Valid motivation to move.
  6. ‘Fresh’ in their activity and they are ‘unknown’ in the job hunting market.
  7. They are not working with other recruiters.
  8. They agreed to work with you exclusively.
  9. They are predictable and consistent in dealing with you.
  10. They are sharp and have an affable demeanor.

90 – 100: "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

80 – 90: Still worthwhile.

70 – 80: Only if you have nothing else going on.

60 – 70: Could work, but recognize extreme risk.

60 or below: pass

Print this scoring mechanism out, share with your colleagues, and discuss it today during your team training meeting.

-Scott Love

Copyright © 2005 Scott T. Love Scott Love improves the performance of recruiters and the margins of search firms and staffing agencies. His training website,, has become one of the largest free internet training sites for the industry. To have him show your staff how to produce more than they thought possible, call him at 828-225-7700.