July 20, 2018

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The Holiday Thing

She was reluctant to go forward. "Letís just go forward after January first," she told me. Rats, I thought to myself. Canít let this one get away. She was a very sharp candidate who during our first call last week expressed some serious interest in looking at some serious opportunities in a serious way. She was intelligent, qualified, and motivated to make a move for the right reasons.

How can I help her move forward now? What on earth can I tell her so that she keeps what she really wants, a positive career move, on the front burner?

"Jennifer, the holidays are actually the best time to make a move," I told her.

"Really?" she responded. She was anxious to hear what I had to say next. So was I.

I told her this: "Jennifer, do you realize that one of the biggest hurdles keeping sharp and busy people like yourself from looking at opportunities is not finding the time to take away from work? And you have four weeks of nothingness staring you right in the face. This is the time that you can sneak away for an interview or two. This is the time that my client can actually schedule a meeting of all the partners without causing too much strain on the calendar. This is the time to consider making a move so that way you can start the year fresh with a new employer, a new team, and new opportunities. Let me make a suggestion. Why donít we schedule twenty minutes tomorrow and . . ."

It worked. Tomorrow at 10:00 am we are having an in-depth qualifying call. The next time your candidate or client tells you that they want to wait until the holidays are over, encourage them to see it through during this time when everyone else only sees procrastination. Use the holiday excuse as a holiday reason for them to continue doing business.

- Scott Love

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