July 17, 2018

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How to Respond to "Everyone I know is Happy"

I’ll never forget my first year in the business. It seemed like every time that I asked for referrals from a candidate the other person always said one of the same two things: "Everyone I know is happy," or "I don’t know anyone who is looking." If you’ve been in this business longer than a day, then you’ve heard either of those two phrases at least a thousand times.

Here is an easy and sure-fire way to get around those two responses and get more referrals. Phrase your question this way:

"Joe, who do you know who fits this profile: someone with (a brief blurb on what you are looking for and the experience level) at least ten years of project management experience on health care projects, someone who probably isn’t looking to make a move and who even might seem like they are happy where they are?"

Don’t let the simplicity of this question keep you from using it. Let’s diagram that sentence and see why it works:

First, you are not asking them ‘do you know anyone?’. You are asking them ‘who do you know. . .’. If you ask them ‘do’ it would be too easy for them to say ‘No I don’t.’ Assume that they know other people because they do.

Second, you are eliminating the objection before they think to say it. You are telling them that the person that you do want to talk to probably is happy. They probably are not looking to make a move. When you phrase this question this way you are educating them that yes, those are indeed the types of people you want to talk with. And when their mind tells them that they don’t know anyone or that everyone they know is happy, then they figure that yes, those are the types of people you want to get to know, and they are more inclined to give you referrals.

Remember that minor changes in major areas are the essence of real achievement. Start asking your networking questions just a little bit differently, and see how much easier it is to get names.

- Scott Love

Copyright © 2006 Scott Love

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