July 17, 2018

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Show & Tell

Not just a kids game anymore

What did you take to your first "Show and Tell" at school? Do you remember the anticipation of seeing what your friends brought and sharing your special toy or item?

Now imagine a very different game called "Tell." The teacher in a kindergarten classroom asks the children to pick out a favorite toy at home, but not bring it to school. Instead, the teacher has each student stand up and tell everyone all about the item they chose. My guess is that most kids, and even adults, would find this a bit lacking ...especially when compared to the fun of "Show and Tell."

There's a whole lot of telling going on in the staffing and recruiting business. Clients are told how cost effective using staffing services can be for them. Candidates and applicants are told why one firm is better than another. Jeff, a hiring manager for a manufacturing firm in Kansas City, confirmed the ineffectiveness of just telling. He says, "I have a lot of staffing firms telling me how good they are. But how do I really know for sure? I don't want words; I want proof."

The "proof" that Jeff and many others are looking for can be shown. Just like demonstrating how much fun a toy is, you can show clients and candidates why they should do business with you. Here are five examples to get you started on playing a consistent game of "Show and Tell":

TELL "It is much more cost effective to use our services than to try and fill your needs on your own."

SHOW AND TELL Partner with your prospect or client in completing a cost comparison worksheet. By doing so, they'll be able to tell themselves the difference in cost.

A free cost comparison template is available in our online Resource Center.

TELL "Candidates and applicants tell us that we find them the best jobs and assignments in the area."

SHOW AND TELL Ask people that you've placed to write a letter you can give to prospective candidates and applicants. Have them write the letter to the applicant telling them how much they benefited from your services.

TELL "The people we send for your consideration are thoroughly screened before you ever see them."

SHOW AND TELL Send a new prospect a copy of the questions and documents you use in your screening process. Better yet, invite them to your office to watch you go through the steps.

TELL "We act as a career advisor to the people we work with."

SHOW AND TELL Set up a career resource center in your office. Then invite every applicant or candidate you work with (whether you place them or not) to come in and use these resources to help them with their job search. If you're working a national practice, you can create this same resource center online.

TELL "I have exactly the person you're looking for. Let me tell about their background and why they are such a great fit."

SHOW AND TELL Let the client try out the person for a few hours at no charge.

So, which game sounds more fun to you? And just as important, will "Tell" or "Show and Tell" be more enticing to your clients and candidates? Play the game and you'll most certainly find out!

- Scott Wintrip

Scott Wintrip, PCC ( is Founder and President of StaffingU, the leader in providing relationship-building techniques guaranteed to grow your business. For information on StaffingU's programs and services, including TeleClasses (live telephone-based classes), Virtual StaffingU (web-based courses), individual and group coaching, on-site training and speaking, and consulting visit or call 866-SU-WORKS (789-6757).