July 16, 2018

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5 Effective Marketing Methods

  1. Diffuse the pressure inherent in the sales conversation: You must diffuse the pressure inherent in the sales process by acting like a consultant rather than a salesperson. If your marketing objective is to find clients that you can truly provide value for, then your prospect will sense this and tend be more open to what you have to say.

    The key is to let them know early on that you are someone that does business differently than many of the recruiters that they may dealt with in the past. On the first phone call you could say something like this:

    "Before I describe my service to you Iíd like to let you know that we donít operate like a typical sales-driven firm. We donít pressure people and we donít chase people. Frankly, Iím not sure if weíre the best firm to help you but if you could grant me 2 minutes of your focus, I think we could figure that out quickly."

  2. Try a new script: A method that I picked up from Danny Cahill is to call a hiring authority and offer to provide either recruiting services for him as a client or to help him as a candidate. After your introduction you would say something like this:

    "Iíd like to support your career in 1 of 2 ways: 1.) When the time is right I can help you to find a stronger position for yourself or 2.) I can help you to recruit talented people for your group. My goal is to understand your needs and help if I can."

    As I stated in the last issue, the right language and scripts can go a long way toward increasing your confidence on the phone. Select here to see a book of scripts that can help.

  3. Send a powerful letter to hiring authorities: This allows you to make a two-part introduction. You may want to read the book, "Selling to VITO (Very Important Top Officer)" which outlines a method for sending a letter and following up with a phone call. Be sure to send the letter in an intriguing way so that you are sure it gets opened such as hand writing the envelope.

    It should be brief, just a few short paragraphs. It should be thin on bragging about your firm and thick on giving specific information on how you can help them to save time and money. You should also include a call to action at the end, "Iíll give you a call on Tuesday between 8 and 9 AM to discussÖ"

  4. Provide value-added services for free: This is a great way to add value and build rapport. Conduct salary comparisons for a companyís staff. Offer to keep a hiring manager aware of trends in the marketplace. Regularly send relevant articles. Offer to be their insider confidant- their eyes and ears in the marketplace. Hereís a low key script that will help to set you apart and that you might use to generate a dialogue with some dormant clients:

    Script: "Iím not calling to do business with you now as my guess is that you donít need outside help with hiring at the moment. Iím calling to make you aware of some complimentary services that we offer and to learn more about your business goals to see if there may be an opportunity for our firms to work together in the future".

  5. Conduct excellent reference checks: If you're struggling with securing new assignments then start doing references on candidates who have worked with the companies you want to do business with. To attract new clients this way you must take them through a process that "wowís" them and makes them think. I know of a firm that uses a 68-question reference form and uses this as a primary marketing tool.

- Gary Stauble

Gary Stauble is the Principal Consultant for The Recruiting Lab, a Coaching Company that assists Firm Owners and Solo Recruiters in generating more profit in less time. +-Gary offers several FREE SPECIAL REPORTS including, "14 Critical Candidate Questions" & "The Search Process Checklist" on his website. Get your copy now at