July 17, 2018

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The Three Attributes of All Big Billers

One of the things I enjoy most about training and consulting to search firms is that I get a chance to meet big billers from all over the country. I have clients from coast to coast in different cities and regions, yet I have found that there are three attributes that all of their big billers have in common.

Remember that the secret to becoming a success is duplicating what has caused others to succeed. Duplicate their thoughts, their actions, their strategies, and their habits. If you can duplicate these, then you increase the odds of you becoming a big biller.

These are the three attributes:

  1. They are resilient.

    Resilience is different than persistence. Persistence is just staying on the phone. Resilience is getting back on it when your once-full funnel empties in a single day because of fall-offs, counter-offers, and other bad things that happen to good recruiters.

  2. They are persuasive.

    They are persuasive in a sense that they donít have a problem convincing others to see it their way. This is a must for anyone that is in the business. But hereís the catch. You canít persuade anyone to do anything that isnít in their best interests. If you have an opportunity for a candidate that could potentially be a better situation for them, then it is your duty to overcome their objections in way that causes them to follow.

  3. They are comfortable with success and donít have a problem with it.

    My good friend Dr. Kenneth Christian, the author of Your Own Worst Enemy says that most people who never achieve peak performance do it because of their fear of failure. Personally, I believe that if you haven't failed then you havenít tried hard enough. The concept of becoming successful has everything to do with overcoming a fear of failure.

    Iíll never forget the book I read in seventh grade about Thomas Edison. Edison believed that every experiment that failed was a gold mine of information on what could work the next time. Consider your failures as your best learning experiences and nothing more. When things fall apart, use them as a way to learn from them.

    And when you start to win, understand that your commissions are measures of your contribution to the world. Focus on the contribution that you make as a recruiter, not the commission. When you do this, then you donít hold back. Understand that you are paid based on the value that you bring to the market. Does it really seem fair that you can close a $35,000 fee based on a few series of phone calls? Yes. Because that fee is a representation of value that you bring to someone else, and thereís nothing wrong with it. Focus on the value and the contribution, and youíll lose your hesitation and inhibition about improving your billings. I remember once getting a call from a client who told me about a problem veteran recruiter who lost a series of deals. They first thought that it was because he had a problem mastering the fundamentals of search. After talking with him I realized that he had never believed in the value that he brought to clients. He felt that he was overcharging and always hesitated closing his deals. You are doing your clients a favor everytime you make a placement. If you do the process right, then they are the ones who say 'thank you' to you first, not the other way around.

Remember that you were genetically coded for success. You were created for it. Build your resilience, grow in your persuasion, get comfortable with success, and get back on the phone.

-Scott Love

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