July 20, 2018

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Feeling LeftOut on LinkedIn?

No. It is not a typo.

My misplacement of capitalization in the above heading is intentional. LinkedIn spells itself with a double capital so I decided to play along.

There's been a lot of brouhaha over LinkedIn lately. Every conference, convention and seminar I attend has a LinkedIn workshop. LinkedIn Webinar invitations land in my email inbox semi-weekly.

Here LinkedIn. There LinkedIn Everywhere LinkedIn.

I don't get it. Is it just me?

Sure, I have an account. And yes I get invitations to "join my network" each week.

I find LinkedIn is little more than an annoyance for the following reasons:

  • It has increased my daily unsolicited sales calls by brokers & investors 30% (by making me a more visible target)
  • Most of the LINKED invitations originate from people I never heard of and have dubious intentions
  • It increases my email spam
  • I can contact anyone that's important to me without LinkedIn

Last year I had one of my best years ever.

This year is taking place to become the same despite the dumb headlines I get tired of reading.

I just had one of my biggest placements ever with another one in the works (net fee just under six figures for the single hire).

Yet not one dime of my 2008 revenue has come from a LinkedIn contact.

I attended a few of these workshops and still don't see how this will help me in my recruiting practice!

Am I in the minority of successful recruiters that does not see the benefit of LinkedIn?

Id like to hear from LinkedIn users and non-users alike.

I started a discussion on this subject where you can submit your comments regarding your LinkedIn experience. Just visit

- Frank Risalvato

Frank is a staffing and recruiting consultant in the search profession since 1987. He has contributed hundreds of articles to publish in various media, has appeared on TV and Radio, and has been called upon by state and federal agencies for expert testimony. His recruiter training services, books and kits are found on Call (973) 300-1010 for an exclusive one-on-one experience with his training style. His new Charlotte, N.C. direct telephone is (704) 243-2110 Email: