July 15, 2018

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2 Minute Coaching - Guarding Your Time

The 4 PM Daily Planning Session:

Do you struggle to plan your calls and activities each day? If so, you’re not alone. In my coaching sessions with recruiters and owners, the issue of time management and planning is one of the most frequent topics that people need help with.

My recommendation is that you give yourself forty five to sixty minutes each day to reflect, think, organize, research and plan. This is also the time to look at your numbers for the day and analyze your results. Sixty minutes of planning with seven hours of “doing” time, will yield you far better results than ten hours of “doing” by the seat of your pants.

It has been said that, “confusion is the chief cause of worry” and I agree with that premise as I’ve seen it played out in my own work as a recruiter. If you plan for the next day at 4PM, you allow your subconscious mind to “work on your plan” overnight and come up with refinements. You’ll sleep better at night and feel more relaxed in general if you know you have a plan in place.

Do not take incoming calls during planning time unless they are deal related. Turn the phones off so you can focus and plan. You can return urgent calls at 5 PM if you wish and even work later but you will do so knowing that you have a solid plan in place for tomorrow. Try this for 21 days and you'll find that it becomes automatic.

Language to Make Your Guarantee Conditional

Nearly all clients want and expect a guarantee of some kind when they work with a recruiter. If you provide a replacement guarantee in your contract, make sure that you make it conditional upon prompt payment. I have found that this part of my contact is rarely questioned and that it provides leverage that you can use to speed up a client that is slow to pay. Here is an example of language you might use in your contract:

“Our presentation of a replacement candidate is conditional upon receipt of our fee and within 10 working days of the candidate’s start date”.

Ruthlessly Guard Your Golden Hours:

Golden hours are the prime calling hours in your day. Generally, these are the morning hours when you are fresh and have a planner full of calls to make. You must guard your golden hours ruthlessly and create an environment that is as free from distractions as possible so that you can execute a good amount of calls before lunch. The only way to do this successfully is if you have planned your calls out the night before and execute the plan at the scheduled time.

You have probably heard the phrase, “eat the crust first”. This means that if you are about to eat a piece of pie, eat the less appetizing part first so you can enjoy the tasty filling at the end. For most recruiters the “crust” is marketing calls so do these first. Strive to get your marketing calls finished by 10:30 in the morning. Also, if your goal is to make 60 calls per day, try to have 40 done before lunch time. Then you can relax a bit knowing you have gotten a strong start to your day.

- Gary Stauble

Gary Stauble is the Principal Consultant for The Recruiting Lab, a Coaching Company that provides Recruiting Professionals the Training, Tools and Systems to make More Placements with Less Effort. Gary offers several Free Special Reports on his website including, “$1 Million Time Management”, 15 Critical Candidate Questions” and “The 3 Things that Lead to Placements”. Get your copies now at