June 25, 2018

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Twitter: Silver Bullet or Time Dump?

Here is my own definition of Twitter:








Take ownership of your success and quit trying to find the silver bullet. In the world of sales and recruiting, your prospects have to be interrupted. Recruiting is based on interruption marketing, not permission marketing, which is the foundation for social networking. With other types of marketing endeavors, such as selling information or services, Twitter might be effective. If you market a message to an audience that cares about what you have to say (except for time-wasting tweets about your latest meal), then yeah, it makes sense to communicate with them.

But to get the attention of a high level prospect or a passive candidate who doesn’t want to move (the candidate that is worth a full fee) you have to interrupt them on the phone with an effective recruiting call, not a tweet that they’ll roll their eyes over.

Here's an exception: As a rule you always want to ‘go’ to where your clients and candidates are. If you know for a fact that your candidates and clients are on twitter and are actively reading your tweets, then give it a shot. For example, those who are in IT recruiting. But if you tweet, tweet responsibly. Tweet about value-related subjects, such as career advice, leadership advice, and anything that can solve an immediate problem.

And when you're done tweeting, get back on the phone. It’s where the action is.

- Scott Love

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