June 25, 2018

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Goal Setting for 2011

For 2011 I've set a very specific goal: To win. My focus for the year is to break down each month and each week into three specific targets, and then to put all of my energy on daily productivity accomplishments focusing on hitting three daily targets. Sure, long term goals are great. But for me personally, I have found that my biggest challenge is the distraction of ______________ (fill in the blank. It changes daily and there are about 50 potential distractions in my life ranging from a hot chai tea addiction each hour to a high maintenance and needy bipolar cat who demands my complete attention throughout the day). So to help me fight this, I am focusing less on the "outputs" (placements and billings) and am focusing on my daily "inputs." (daily connect targets, hourly connect targets, submittals, sendouts, phone time, etc. Visit the free downloads section on my site to download some of these free performance tools at this link.

I attended a private golf clinic with Tiger Woods recently. A member of our group asked Tiger what his long term and short term goals were. "Winning," he quickly replied. He then went on to talk about the precision in his immediate actions, how that is where he focuses his energy. He'll use a chessman's approach to playing a course and always is looking ahead to try to beat the course. But when it comes to making each shot, he will identify an 'acorn' on the fairway. Landing the ball in that precise half inch by half inch target consumes all of his energy.

For annual goals, use a simple system. Do this before January first. Use these six categories to help you. In each of these areas write down one to four goals in each category. Some of them don't have to be measurable. For example, for family goals you could write “Only kind words” or “Softer tone of voice” or “More understanding.” Even though it's not measurable, it's still a change that you can make for the better, so it's worthy of writing it down as an annual goal.

Business/Job Personal Finance Recreation Family Physical Fitness Mental/Spiritual

But even beyond these goals, you need to live in the moment. Ask yourself these three questions throughout the day:

What's the most important use of my time, right now? What is bringing me closer to or taking me further away from my most pressing action item? What is my acorn at the moment?

By thinking at a higher level with respect to your personal performance, you will make 2011 your best year ever, because you are a champion and you deserve to win.

- Scott Love

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