July 19, 2018

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The Power of Follow Through

In the sales process, you are always under observation and itís uncomfortable for many sales professionals. Thatís probably because so many of them hate being held accountable and donít follow through on what they say theyíre going to do. Recently I met with a sales rep who said she was going to follow through on something which was critical to the operation of my business. I am a long time customer, so Iím sure she must have put me at the bottom of the priority pile. Itís three months later and Iím still waiting for it to happen. So Iím talking to her competitive vendor. If she canít follow through on the little things, then sheíll drop the ball on the big things ... even though the big one has already been dropped.

I canít help but give people second chances. But the problem with that generous line of reasoning is that usually the second time around itís just as bad as the first time around. People are consistent. If they fail to follow through the first time, theyíll fail to follow through the second time.

Your clients and prospects and customers think this way. Thatís why you always should do what you say you are going to do. If you say you are going to get that proposal to them on Friday, then get that proposal to them on Friday. Donít wait until Monday and say that something came up. If you canít get it to them on Friday then at least send them an email or call them telling you that you were delayed. If you canít follow through on it, the next best thing is to communicate the fact that you know that you are remiss in meeting your self-imposed deadline. Now, most people arenít really going to care if they get it Friday afternoon or Monday morning. But by doing this you are sending a very strong signal to them. You are telling them that you are the type of person that always follows through, that respects the time of your prospects, and that you are a professional.

The problem with the profession of selling is that it is filled with so many unprofessional sales reps. I think thatís awesome. It makes the rest of us look that much better. Now go out there and use it to your advantage and show people how much you care and how sharp you are by always following through on every promise that you make. And if you take care to do this, your prospects will do more business with you because of the professional way that you follow up.

-Scott Love

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