July 22, 2018

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The Minimum Effective Dose

In many of my recent private coaching sessions, I've been discussing the concept of the "minimum effective dose". This refers to the idea that it's important to know the least amount of effort that is required in order to produce a specific result. It's not about cutting corners, it’s about understanding a problem or goal and prescribing the right solution.

So for example, let's say that you were a man and wanted to increase the size of your chest from 41" to 44" through a strength training program. If the minimum effective dose for creating a 44" chest was that you'd need to do 250 pushups per day, then it would be a waste of time to do 500 pushups per day. The “trigger” for getting you the result you wanted would be 250 pushups per day.

So in terms of recruiting and owning a business, we want to think in terms of the same simple prescriptions. Things do not generally translate into crystal clear dosages for our business but we can come up with general guidelines that make the process of recruiting less complex and more repeatable. In my work with owners and recruiters I find that they are generally feeling overworked, overwhelmed and scattered between competing demands. They are craving simplicity and systems that they can rely on.

With that in mind, I thought I'd share with you what I consider to be the simplest and most important goal that any recruiter can set for himself in terms of affecting production. This goal is simple to understand but not always easy to achieve. However, if it's achieved even seventy percent of the time, it would put you in the top five percent of all recruiters in terms of billings.

So, here is the simple but important goal; get one send out per day. That’s the objective to shoot for. It's clear and it helps you to prioritize every aspect of your day. In fact, in terms of simplified time management for a recruiter, you could sum it up this way; get one send out per day and then whatever else you have time for before five PM. In terms of all of the tasks on your planner- the sendout is king in terms of its importance to your bottom line.

I recently suggested this idea of shooting for one sendout per day to my Roundtable members and some of them said this goal seemed unrealistic. I actually agree with them in that for most people, it is beyond their comfort zone. One send out per day would equal about twenty send outs per month and this is much higher than average. I don’t have exact data but based on my working with hundreds of firms over the last decade, I would say that the average recruiter probably gets between 7-10 sendouts per month. So if the average recruiter is only getting one sendout every two or three days, the goal of one sendout per day would seem to be out of reach for them.

But, just because you do not achieve the goal every day does not mean that striving for the goal is not serving you. As I said, reaching the goal just seventy percent of the time would mean that you would most likely make two placements per month. Two placements per month, at an average fee of $19,000, would equal $456,000 per year in production which would put you in the Pinnacle Society.

So “one sendout per day” is something to keep a light touch with; it's a target, not a mandate. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get a sendout today, you’ll get one tomorrow. Having the target is a way to slice through all of the other tasks that are vying for your attention- posting jobs, returning calls, inputting candidates into the database etc- and staying focused on that which leads to revenue.

The 30 Day Challenge: Post these four words where you will see them every day; one sendout per day. Make this goal your focus for the next 30 days. During your planning time ask yourself, “What’s the fastest way to my next sendout”? Track your number of send outs and see if you get more of them by making this your focus for 30-days.

- Gary Stauble

Gary Stauble is the Principal Consultant for “The Recruiting Lab”. He offers several Free Special Reports on his website including, “$1 Million Time Management”. Get your copies now at Gary is currently offering Private Coaching for a small group of motivated Owners, their Teams, and Solo Recruiters. You can sign up for a Complimentary Consultation on his website.