July 20, 2018

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Watch the 'tude

Have you ever heard of the book, “You Can’t Afford The Luxury Of A Negative Thought?"

That title sounds like it was written especially for recruiters. In my work with Owners & Recruiters I find that they are often feeling guilty and stressed about how much they are not doing on a daily basis. These feelings tend to have a paralyzing effect on them and eventually they end up procrastinating or avoiding important tasks altogether.

So, if you’re getting stressed or are banging your head against the wall regarding a deal…take a deep breath and just chill for 20 minutes.

Get in your car and go for a drive in nature or take a speed walk around the block to clear your thoughts. Do something – quickly- to interrupt the negative spiraling before it builds momentum. I have a cardio machine in my office and when I get bent out of shape I do 5 minutes on the machine and it helps to reset my clock. Or drop to the floor and do 2 sets of pushups.

Also, take some pressure off of yourself. Realize that you don’t have to always do “your best”. If you did your best every day, that would mean that you’d have to make more calls today than ever before- and they’d have to be your “best” calls ever.

You don’t have to make your “best” marketing call ever - just make the damn call. Better to keep an even pace and do consistently good work than to get stressed out and hung up on always doing “your best”.

It’s not always easy to stay motivated so give yourself tangible rewards to keep energized. If you generally go to Starbucks right before work, change this around and say that you can go to Starbucks after you complete your 20th phone call of the morning.

Set a sendout goal for the week and if you hit it by Friday at noon, take a half of a day off and go to the beach.

- Gary Stauble

Gary Stauble is the Principal Consultant for The “Recruiting Lab”. He offers several Free Special Reports on his website including, “$1 Million Time Management”. Get your copies now at His new website is called, “Done By Noon” and is focused on Time Management & Lifestyle Design training. You can get his new Report, “3 No B.S. Strategies for Increasing Productivity” at www.DoneByNoon