July 20, 2018

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Engaging The Passive Candidate

A question from a member of the Coaching Club:

"Is there a recommended format for presenting the high points of my clients opportunity to the candidate?"

When presenting candidates, the entire process revolves around their intrinsic motivation. Think of yourself as a waiter in a restaurant. The waiter doesn't come up to you when you sit down and say, "You look like you are hungry for shrimp. Let me tell you about how great our shrimp is. "Instead, they give you a menu and ask what you want. And they deliver what you asked for. Most recruiters pitch opportunities without discovering the buying motives of candidates. I heard one training client of mine refer to them as the "pushes" and the "pulls." Find out what will push that candidate out of his company, and what will pull him to something else.

I'd highly recommend listening to the "Engaging The Passive Candidate" webinar and reading the accompanying learning guide (free for members of the Coaching Club. If you are not a member, consider joining or attending this webinar on September 1, 2011 at 1pm Eastern).

I honestly believe that what you have asked is about 90 percent of what recruiting is all about. How do we present the bullet points of the opportunity? The order of what you present isn't as important as keying in on what will move the candidate. It takes some recruiters four or five years to figure that out. Then finally, they stop pitching and start listening.

But if there was an order, I would start with the big rocks first. Put the big rocks in the bucket, then the middle ones, then the smaller ones and so forth. Start with their biggest motivations first, the ones that have an emotional ring in their voice. That's what their hot button really is.

If you aren't sure, then ask probing open ended questions, such as "How so?" or "Why do you say that?" or "Give me an example." Candidates will freely open up to you and love to share more when asked.

Good luck recruiting!

- Scott Love

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