July 23, 2018

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What if My Client Insists on Presenting the Offer Himself?

Over the last 20 years I’ve found that most of my clients assume that I’ll be the one to present the offer, but every so often I’ll get push back and have to justify my logic with a new client.negotiation2

As with every difficult client conversation where you want to influence the outcome, you need to show your client why it is in his interest to have you present the offer.

Below are some ideas and language you can use to make your case:

Other interviews

“Candidates will tell me things about other offers and opportunities that they won’t tell you”.

Counter offers

“They will talk to me about their susceptibility to counter offers whereas they will likely only tell you what they think you want to hear”.

Uncover hidden objections

“I can act as a confidant for the candidate to uncover other hidden objections such as his spouse’s resistance, changes in his reasons for leaving, or last minute fears about making a career change”.

Save Dollars

“We test all offers before we extend them. We can potentially save you some payroll cost if we discover the candidate would be happy at the lower end of your salary range”.

93% of our offers get accepted

“Because we test all offers, we have a 93% acceptance rate. This means you’ll avoid having to extend an offer in the dark, and possibly having it rejected”.

We act as a mediator

“It’s more professional to have the offer come from a search consultant. We act as mediator. Then the candidate calls you (Mr. Client) after acceptance to verbally shake hands with you”.

Last resort

“Mr. Client, if you won’t change your mind about presenting the offer, at least allow me test the offer first, and to coordinate the timing with you, so we’re sure the candidate is ready to accept the package you’re putting together”.


Keep in mind that all of the above reasons are truthful; it is in the client’s interest to allow you to do test and finalize the offer. This is what you do.

Your job is to dispassionately communicate these reasons to them, and to help them come to that realization.

Use the above language as a cheat sheet the next time you run into this objection.

Good hunting.

- Gary Stauble

Gary Stauble is the principal consultant for The Recruiting Lab. He provides recruiting professionals with the training and tools to make more placements with less effort. He offers a Complimentary Special Report on his website entitled, “$1 Million Time Management”. In the report, Gary outlines 9 Time Management Secrets of a $1 Million Producer. Get your copy now at