July 17, 2018

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How to Reach More People By Phone

Maybe youíre lucky enough not to have to make cold calls. Not me.

Whether Iím in recruiting mode or marketing for new business, I still need to pick up the phone and talk to complete strangers. Or to put it more realistically, Iíll need to leave voice messages and hope people call me back.

So, what should a recruiter expect in terms of callback ratios, and what type of script will get the best results?

I guess it all depends on the type of people youíre trying to reach and the quality of the message you leave. But as long as you have a benchmark to work from, you can see if youíre tracking better or worse than your historical averages. That way, you can make adjustments or improvements, according to your results.

For the sake of comparison, letís look at some of my results.

Voice Message Scripts and Metrics

Right now, Iím in the midst of a marketing campaign in which I need to talk to Director-level and VP-level prospects. Hereís how Iíve done so far.

Working from a call list of 35 people, I was able to connect with five on the first dial. For everyone else, I left a voice message. So far, 25 of the remaining 30 have called me back and weíve had quality conversations. The other five? I'll probably never hear back from them. But hope springs eternal.

What message did I leave? Hereís my script:

ďHi, my name is Bill Radin. The last name is spelled R-A-D-I-N. Iím the president of an executive search firm specializing for over 20 years in the sensor industry. Something came to my attention that I thought you should know about.

ďIf you would, please give me a call. Again, my name is Bill Radin, president of Radin Associates at, and my number is (513) 624-7501. Thanks, and I look forward to talking to you soon.Ē

Letís analyze my message. In approximately 75 words, I managed to do five things:

1. Mention my name four times

2. Establish my professional credentials

3. Provide two types of contact information (my phone number and web address)

4. Present an intriguing value proposition

5. Ask for a call back

Whenever possible, Iíll personalize my script. For example, if I was referred by a mutual contact or have some juicy gossip to share, Iíll add those elements to my message.

Also, notice that the value proposition (ďsomething I thought you should know aboutĒ) could be interpreted as a job opportunity, even though the ultimate purpose of the call is to market my services. Iíve found that the more open-ended the tickle, the higher the response rate.

But in the short term, my goal is for the other person to call me back. That way, I can open up a dialogue, sell my brand and gather market information. And if I can reach 85 percent of my prospects with a 75-word message, Iím a happy recruiter.

BILL RADIN is a top-producing recruiter whose innovative books, CDs and training seminars have helped thousands of recruiting professionals and search consultants achieve peak performance and career satisfaction. Billís extensive experience makes him an ideal source of techniques, methods and ideas for rookies who want to master the fundamentalsóor veterans ready to jump to a higher level of success.