July 22, 2018

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7 Steps to Finding Top IT Talent

Step #1: Ask your current team.

One of the easiest – and most cost-effective – ways to recruit IT talent is to ask your existing tech employees for referrals. Many may have friends or colleagues looking for an opportunity just like yours. And you won’t know unless you ask. You may even want to develop a formal referral program that rewards employees who refer top candidates to you.

Step #2: Take a targeted approach.

If you want to find top technical talent, you need to look in the right places. Large job boards are too generic; instead take a targeted approach and look to online communities that attract IT people – such as Github and Stack Overflow. Not only will they serve as a good source for potential candidates, but you’ll be able to assess an individual’s knowledge and experience too.

Step #3: Define the job clearly.

The last thing high potential candidates want to do is wade through a long and confusing job description. Instead, keep it short and simple. List a few key requirements and don’t forget to promote the benefits of working for your company. Remember, it’s not just about your needs; you must focus on what you can offer to potential employees.

Step #4: Make it easy to apply.

When the application process is long and cumbersome, you’re going to lose out on top candidates. Instead, make applying to your company as seamless as possible. Keep in mind, you’re not using the application to hire an employee; you’re simply using it to source candidates. So you don’t need to know every detail about their background and abilities.

Step #5: Don’t hire in a hurry.

When you have work that needs to get done, it can be tempting to hire in a hurry. But take your time screening and hiring your next IT employee. Each candidate must be thoroughly vetted and tested to ensure they are the right individual for your needs. Otherwise, if you move too fast in the process, you may wind up with an expensive hiring mistake.

Step #6: Keep candidates in the loop.

Keep your list of top pick candidates in the loop about where you are in the hiring process. If they’re in the dark too long, they’re going to assume you made a hiring decision and move on.

Step #7: Make recruiting an ongoing effort.

Don’t simply try to fill a job opening. Make recruiting IT talent an ongoing effort. When you take this approach, you’ll have a robust network of candidates to tap into next time you need to fill an empty seat.

Author: Murray Resources

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