July 18, 2018

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The most in-demand tech skills

Retaining and recruiting talent is vitally important and can be quite difficult for St. Louis chief information officers.

According to a new Global Contingent Buyers Survey, roles such as data scientist, data specialist and data architect are the positions most in demand at companies across the country.

Those skills are needed especially as big data and the Internet of Things become intertwined with day-to-day operations. As Derek Mabie of Maplewood-based Evolve Digital Labs, a digital marketing agency, puts it: Im not looking to hire marketers, Im hiring mathematicians and engineers.

Following data scientists was information security.

Cyberattacks on businesses across the world are growing in scope and frequency. According to security firm Gemalto, a record 1 billion data records were compromised in 2014.

Professionals with skills in both cybersecurity and business will ultimately thrive. Its not as much talking about technologies, but talking about the real risks to the business from a business perspective, said Jeff Pearl, chief information security officer at Takeda Pharmaceuticals. We all have to understand what our businesses do and what the strategic priorities are. We have to take that security lingo and put it into words of risk that we can take to the board so that they can understand it and make decisions.

Ryan Frillman, director of information security and compliance at Laclede Group, said having a cybersecurity perspective during project management would also be helpful. Its evolved to a point where project managers need to have a paradigm shift to cybersecurity so that its part of the project presentation, he said.

Java-related skills, including specific roles like developer and architect, also ranked high for demand.

Author: Brian Feldt - Reporter, St. Louis Business Journal

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