July 18, 2018

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10 Ways to Wow Your Clients

We are living in the service age. Every buyer wants services to be delivered better, faster and at the lowest possible cost. Our clients are not looking for adequate service or even good service- they are looking for firms that can surprise them with exceptional service. Clients want to feel as though they are getting an experience from your firm and that you are pro-actively thinking of beneficial things for them that they may not have even known to ask for.

We are living in the service age. I’d recommend that you come up with a Wow system of a number of small steps that you will take to impress your clients. The list below should help you to get started.

  1. Work with exceptional Integrity: In today’s business environment, integrity is truly a characteristic that can help to separate your firm from the pack. Integrity is expressed in all of the small things that you do and don’t do for your clients. Keep your word, tell the truth, deliver more than you promise and you will make a strong impression.

  2. Send them regular, relevant articles with a hand written note: This allows you to provide value to you client, stay in front of him and display the fact that you are an “insider” in regards to current events and trends. One article can be sent to 100 clients and prospects so you can get a lot of mileage out of this one idea.

  3. Education on how to make the right choice when selecting a search partner: Can you develop a report on this topic? How about a 30 minute presentation that you can deliver to a prospect or association? Give them real information that they could not get elsewhere on what to look for and what to avoid.

  4. Continually innovate/improve your services: This gives you another reason to stay in close contact with prospects and clients. Contact them to let them know about a new program, service, report, survey, guarantee etc. Having something new to offer keeps your service fresh in the minds of your clients.

  5. Share relevant success stories: Show your prospects how you are solving real problems for other companies just like them. These stories illustrate the value that you can bring to them and help to increase your clients comfort level with regards to hiring you.

  6. Send them reports that your firm has produced on relevant topics: Motivating staff, increasing productivity, reducing cost per hire, leadership, management, hiring, and any other topics that are relevant to them. You only need to develop these once and then you can use them over and over with clients and prospects.

  7. Send them a book they may get value from: Shows that you are thinking of them as a person.

  8. Appreciation: At the end of a search process, take the time to thank the client for something specific that they did. Were they prompt in calling you back? A pleasure to deal with? Let them know- everyone craves appreciation.

  9. Send a gift certificate: There are dozens of online gift certificates now available that you can send to clients. Starbucks or are generally safe bets.

  10. Send a pizza: Send a pizza to their whole department at lunch time as a thank you. This is a sure way to make a good impression.

-Gary Stauble
Copyright 2002 Gary Stauble - All Rights Reserved
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