June 21, 2018

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More Crazy Voice Mail Tactics

Voice mail is the most effective form of advertising in the business world. Think about it. You are guaranteed a 100% "open rate" and that means that every vice president, every senior level executive and manager is getting your information. But here's the bad news, champ. They are also making a decision on whether or not to call you back, and that depends upon three things: the quality of information that you leave, the way you sound, and a clear and compelling message that can offer a solution to an immediate problem that they are facing.

How compelling is your message?

Think of voice mail as an advertisement and you'll develop a more effective method of getting calls returned.

Consider these two simple steps to a better "open rate" of your messages:

  1. Start with just your name and phone number first. They always have a pen in their hands when they are listening to their voice mail messages, and if you start with your contact information first, they'll be sure to write it down before they listen to your message or even know who the heck you are. So that means that they have committed to taking your information even when they don't know why you're calling them. But it's on their list of people they're going to call back.

  2. Create a compelling reason for them to call you back. If it relates to a potential quantifiable increase in their business, then state what a recent placement of a candidate did to one of their direct competitors. The more specific you make it, the more credible you will sound, and the greater they will return your call. "I placed a candidate six months ago who streamlined ABC's accounting process, saving $345,000 in outside consulting fees. I just found a candidate who reminds me of that particular candidate and..."

Bonus tip:

Did you ever have a former employee try to contact this prospect in the past? (if you're in the recruiting industry, you probably had LOTS of former co-workers who are not employed there anymore, right?) If you're using a contact manager program then you'll have thousands of entries and attempts from your former co-worker. Use this otherwise useless information to open up doors for you. Here's how:

  1. Leave a message like this "I'm calling you about Dave McSchmo. Please call me back at 828-225-7700."

  2. When they call back, they'll say "Who is Dave McSchmo?" You say, "He talked with last year about…and I wanted to follow up and take our relationship to the next step."

One final CRAZY Bonus tip:

Try this when you're either frustrated or in a mood. Leave a message like this:

"Hello, John, this is Scott Love. My number is 828-225-7700. Just wanted to call and say 'Thanks!'"

When they call you back and ask why you were thanking them, say, "I just wanted to say thanks for returning my message. I work with managers who…" and then you go into your presentation. This could work well with someone who's either in sales or has a sense of humor. It's way out there, but could work well if you're frustrated and just need to get some excitement back in your life.

Remember, minor changes in major areas is the essence of authentic and lasting achievement. Make these minor changes in how you consider voice mail and watch your return call ratio explode.

-Scott Love

Copyright © 2003 Scott Love

Scott Love is a wacky management consultant who improves company profit margins by improving the sales performance of his clients. He is the only 'working a desk' search & staffing trainer in the world who is a member of the National Speakers Association. 1-800-930-3425