June 21, 2018

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Creating More Time in a Busy Recruiter

Planning your week to focus on those tasks that are going to achieve the highest results is critical. It's easy to be pulled in 20 directions at one time, leaving little room for you to organize your schedule. The phone rings nonstop, candidates need to be contacted, resumes need to be screened, and you need to do some active sourcing yourself. Plus, managers want metrics reports, the employee referral meet with you to set up new contracts, you've got to arrange the next job fair schedule and hiring managers are requesting candidates "yesterday" but giving feedback "three weeks later." It is imperative that you arrange your weekly calendar to be most efficient for you. Once people know you are serious about keeping certain times focused on specific responsibilities you will gain more hours in your week and more respect for your time. Following some these tips should free up at least four more hours in your week and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your work.

Searching resume databases efficiently

Set aside a specific time each week to search resume databases or use some active sourcing tools to find candidates. Preferably, this should be on Monday mornings. Many candidates do their job searches on the weekends. You want to be the first to contact the candidate -- before your competition does. If you block out uninterrupted time each Monday morning, letting everyone know that you are not available for other concerns during this time, you will be able to complete some very efficient searches and get a great head start to your week. By using this focused time, without interruption, you should be able to knock off at least one hour of the time you usually need to complete these important searches.

Posting ads to the Internet for maximum exposure

If you are responsible for posting ads to the Internet or creating ads, you know how time-consuming this can be. To make the most of your efforts, set aside time each week to post your ads. Preferably this should be done on Fridays. Many job boards display their search responses based on the date posted. If job seekers do most of their searches on weekends, then you should post your jobs as close to the time that candidates will be searching as possible. This will help your ads rise to the top of the list.

For the same reason, you should also re-post your ads, where available, on a weekly basis. If you posted a hot engineering position on Friday the 10th, by Friday the 17th it will appear much lower on the list and on many sites will not make it on the first page at all. As the position falls lower on the results list, responses to your ads will drop off.

To become more efficient with your postings, create posting templates that include all of the information that is requested on all the sites to which you post. You can then simply copy and paste the information that is relevant for each board.

-Carl Kutsmode
Founder and President
Tiburon Group