June 24, 2018

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Website Marketing Ideas

Techniques to drive more traffic…more candidates…and more sales

"If you build it, they will come."

Well, that may be true…if you happen to live in A Field of Dreams! The reality is that a great website is only great if people use it. And people will only use it if they know about it…

Most of us invest thousands (or even tens of thousands) creating our company websites. We want our sites to be professional, informative and exciting. We want our sites to make great first impressions, and we want clients and candidates to return again and again.

Yet most of us spend about $1.98 promoting our websites.

Is the Investment Worth It?

You may be asking yourself, do I really need to worry about marketing my website? Afterall, we already have a sales force. We already have recruiters. Why invest in getting people to go to a place that doesn't make me money?

Eau contraire…

In today's market, your website is among your most critical sales and recruiting tools. It can and will both make you money and save you money. Here's why:

  • Your website is the first place people will go to learn about your business. When done well, it makes people want to do business with you. It makes selling much easier.

  • By getting people to your website, you start the process of developing trust—which is critical when you're trying to get someone to register for employment or convince them to change vendors.

  • The right content can position you as an expert in your field, differentiate you from the competition, and enable you to sell higher margin solutions.

  • Your website can DRAMATICALLY reduce your recruiting costs. We have clients averaging 2 online applications for every job they post to their website. They are also using online referral systems to fill positions faster and eliminate some of their online advertising expenses.

    It can get you more referrals. Your website provides loads of opportunities to solicit client and candidate referrals.

  • It can save candidates time by automating parts of the registration process and allowing people to do the work on their own time. This makes it easier for people to register with you—especially candidates who are already working.

  • Your website is an ideal cross-selling tool. It can encourage your clients to use more of your services.

  • It's also an ideal vehicle for education. It can encourage clients to use your services more often and in more ways.

Getting People to Your Site

  1. Give them a reason to come

    Take a look at your website through the eyes of a prospective client or candidate. Ask yourself the question "what's in it for me?" What content, tools or features does your site offer that makes someone want to visit?

    Here are a few ideas:

    a. Fill your site with interesting, relevant and entertaining content

    • Articles on staffing best practices
    • Articles on hiring and managing people
    • Articles on career management
    • Whitepapers explaining staffing strategies
    • News – local or industry information
    • Interactive tools
    • Salary checker
    • Cost of living calculator
    • Self-assessments
    • Games (don't underestimate the value of fun!)
  2. b. Services

    • Online training
    • Pre-employment forms
    • Search jobs / Search candidates
    • Online application
    • Client orientation information
    • Client extranet for checking order status, timesheet approval, usage reports, etc.

    c. Offers

    • Whitepapers
    • E-newsletters
    • Contests

  3. Promote It

    So how do you get people to your site? Simple. Promote it…everywhere. Here are a few ways to drive clients and candidates to your website:

    a. Online promotion

    • E-mail current clients and prospects – promote specific content and features
    • E-mail candidates and referral sources – promote hot jobs and other resources
    • E-newsletters – drive people back to your site for content
    • Banner ads
    • Chamber of commerce sites
    • Local SHRM chapter site
    • Local job finder / apartment finder
    • Local newspaper website
    • Buy sponsored links or keywords on google or overture – you can buy locally now
    • Exchange links with other firms
    • Give away content that's linked back to your site
    • Job postings – refer people back to your job board to apply
    • Conduct search engine optimization to improve your rankings on search engines
    • Promote specific content in your e-mail signature
  4. b. Offline promotion

    • Include your website URL on everything you mail and handout
    • Use the back of your business cards to promote content that's on your website
    • Create paycheck stuffers to promote your job board and candidate content
    • Add "PS's" to your correspondence reminding people about content on your website
    • Send postcards to promote features of your site and offers
    • Direct mail a copy of your website on a mini-CD
    • Use radio to promote contests and content that's available on your site
    • Drop off samples of content that's available on your site to clients and prospects
    • Classified ads – drive people to your site for complete details on job opportunities
    • Write articles for other publications and websites – link content back to your site
    • Direct people to your website in your voice mail and onhold messages
    • Create business cards promoting your website that temporary employees can distribute

    -David Searns

    Remember, Haley Marketing can help! Whether you need assistance with direct marketing to get the door open or nurture marketing to keep it open, call on us. We have two new, and very cost effective solutions that can help your business to stand-out, stay top-of-mind, and increase sales.

    Just give us a call if you'd like to know more: 1-888-696-2900.