June 24, 2018

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A B C's of Internet Job Ads

Many corporations are spending millions of dollars on online recruiting strategies including Applicant Tracking Systems, corporate career websites, sourcing tools and branding strategies. All of these tools can produce high quality results. The Achilles heal of the entire process, though, is the job ad. A poorly written job ad will produce poor results. No matter how slick and integrated your technology and recruiting strategies are, they will fail with a weak job ad. I have seen job ads posted with descriptions that only could be understood by internal candidates. Some were down right depressing! Let's get down to work and review the ABC's of Internet Job Ads.

A well written ad will cause an immediate reaction from the active and passive job seekers. The challenge is to craft an ad that will generate satisfactory returns. Use words and images that give a compelling description of what the person will be doing. "Key member of the largest financial systems project we have ever done!" "Take our solid marketing department to the next level." Most of your ad should describe what the person would be doing. Your job title can separate your ad from the competition. Instead of Marketing Manager why not try "Strategic Marketing Guru." Be creative!

Bring Quantity
The ad must generate several high quality candidates. Salary and relocation info can help screen out some responses. If no relocation, then state it. General salary info can help save time such as "up to $$$ for the best candidate". Years of experience required is questionable. Some candidates may have one year of experience five years in a row, while an individual with three years of diverse experience would be right choice. How about "proven track record of relevant industry experience and strong academics".

Completely Describe
In the Internet world the length of the job ad is not an issue. In printed media, job ads often sounded like a Sergeant Friday, "just the facts" pitch. Be creative, persuasive, clear, and try to get the reader excited. What will they be doing and where is the company going. Do not post the internal job description written by the hiring department. Chances are you will scare the talented individuals away and attract job seekers applying for everything. I see this all the time. "Under the direct supervision of the manager" doesn't that conjure up a pretty picture! Hey, get off my back!

When the ad is finally crafted, read it carefully. Ask yourself one question. Would you apply?

-Mike Kershner
Michael West & Associates Professional Search Firm for Financial and Systems Professionals.