June 25, 2018

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Mea Culpa?

You sourced & recruited the perfect candidate. She has nearly all of the exotic skills that your client requested and she's just ended a project. Her references are glowing.

Her interview was at 9:30, you debriefed her and she felt that things went well..yippee a 10-month contract! At 2:00 pm your client calls you and says, sorry she is not a fit for my team. POW! what went wrong you ask??

After some probing, the client tells you that she was 20 minutes late, dressed in a super casual manner, wore sandals, and made very little eye contact during the interview. His gut was that she may not fit in with his team. "Great skills though, find me someone with her skills and a better presence."

Your open hand slaps you in the forehead, WHAP! You neglected to prep your candidate for the interview. Even worse, you had no idea that her 'presence' was important to the client. Head straight for the penalty box and go back to your recruiting 101 notes.

Be as basic as you can be with each and every candidate. Even if they are highly credentialed, never skip the interview preparation steps or surely you will get stung. Always make sure you know what is important to your client. Visit them in person if at all possible. You (and your candidate) never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Jim Della Volpe, The-staffingcoach