June 22, 2018

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Pushes and Pulls

If I were to pick one word to describe our day-to-day business it would be "hectic". One way to make our life easier is not to forget an important basic of our business: Identifying and Documenting a candidate's "Pushes and Pulls". A "Push" is anything that is compelling the candidate to leave her/his current position (a.k.a. dissatifiers, pain, frustration). A "Pull" is anything that will motivate the candidate to leave (what she/he is really looking for). The quantification and qualification of a candidate's Pushes and Pulls early in the cycle offer the recruiter several benefits:

  • The candidate recruiter (the person who is representing the candidate) uses this information while searching for opportunities for the candidate.

  • Both the candidate recruiter and client recruiter (the person who has the relationship with the client) will use this information to present the candidate to the client and to respond to client inquiries (clients want to know why a candidate is on the market and what they are looking to do). Therefore, it is very important that all recruiters in the loop know a candidate's Pushes and Pulls. We want to build upon the momentum by answering the client's questions during that same phone call versus having to tell the client that we will find out and get back to them.

  • The candidate recruiter uses this data to pre-close / close the candidate throughout the entire cycle (Client Interview, Feedback, and Offer time). It is also crucial to have if your candidate gets "buyer's remorse" in the 11th Hour and you have to resell the opportunity using the personal criteria that they agreed to earlier in the cycle.

  • You will be more productive in generating the right activity for your candidates that will become even more important as the market recovers.

All of the above benefits are important. However, in my opinion, the most important reason for getting Pushes & Pulls is the candidate's perception of you and your professional skills. In survey after survey, candidates list as Number 1 the ability of the recruiter to demonstrate that she/he totally comprehends what they are looking for. This requires taking the time to listen, clarify and document what the candidate is saying (current pain-what they don't want as well as what they would consider to be their dream opportunity). Do this and the word will get out that you are a professional, knowledgeable recruiter that can also help your candidate's friends (referrals will follow).

Remember: It all starts with a solid face-to-face candidate interview that affords you the opportunity to uncover all of the candidate's Pushes and Pulls.

-Bill Bostrom