June 21, 2018

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The Real Fortune You Find In Recruiting

Recruiting is a personal development opportunity disguised as a job.

Iíve been in this crazy business for about thirteen years. So far this year Iíve quit it seventeen times. But I keep getting back into it about an hour after I quit it. There is nothing more thrilling than overcoming an objection with a candidate and getting his resume and then having him thank me at the end of the call. Itís these little successes that add to the resiliency formula. Itís not just the rush of action-action-action that I love the most about recruiting: itís the authentic value that we can create in other peoplesí lives.

Everyone comes into the business because of the financial potential. Sure, we think it would be great to make a difference in the lives of other people. But deep down inside we fantasize about the lifestyle. Hey, thereís nothing wrong with that. But what I find intriguing and peculiar is that the more successful you become, and the longer youíve been in the business, it ends up being less about the money. It becomes a true adventure, and the real fortune you find is the person that you become as you walk along your path on the way to reach your production goals.

So many of the training videos for the industry miss the real secret of how to be successful in the business, not to mention that they are ineffective because they are just plain boring. If your recruiter training programs donít inspire your people to achieve greatness, then how good are they? The real secret to achieving mega-success as a recruiter has nothing to do with rebuttal number 34 or the seven steps to making an MPC call. Instead, itís a character issue. If you are not where you want to be financially in the business, then you need to look at your soul. Take a deep look inside your heart and find out what needs to grow. Iíve consulted and coached lots of people in the business, and every single personís problems in their production can be traced back to a character issue. Is it a fear of rejection? Are you not able to see clients as peers? Do you have a fear of getting on the phone? Are you afraid that you canít handle success and is your financial thermostat set forever on a $70k a year W-2? Are you undisciplined in how you execute your plan, or are you disciplined enough to even have a daily plan?

Most of the coaching and consulting I do with people in my mentorship program isnít about mechanics. They are seeking solutions for problems that stem from the not being able to see the greatness that already lies deep within them, sometimes hidden real deep. Itís my job to help them seek it and uncover it and to help them channel and apply it to closing more deals. I feel mostly like a recruiter therapist than a consultant, but I think thatís what it takes to achieve greatness. The real secret is to dig deep inside, admit how things really are, and make a commitment to change, to make a commitment to change how you think.

Hereís an example. Letís say that Tiger Woods called your manager and said he wanted to get into the business. If we didnít give Tiger any training but locked him in a closet for thirty days with a just a basic book about recruiting, heíd probably become the top producer in the office within six months. Itís not the mechanics or the tactics of recruiting that are the secret to success, itís all in how you think, in how manage your emotions and how you look at your circumstances. He thinks at such a high level that anything less than ultimate performance isnít an option.

Here are three ideas that you can apply to your own life and make some immediate and long-term positive changes:

  1. Keep a journal.
    Write down the emotions you experience. Be aware of how you feel during the process, during the ups and during the downs. Be cognizant of how you might be getting out of control and notice when you start to let external circumstances dictate what emotions you experience. Recruiting is such an emotional game and if you donít learn how to manage your emotions, youíll end up spinning out of control every day on this emotional roller coaster ride. The first step to emotional intelligence is awareness, to be aware of whatís going on in your heart throughout the process.

  2. Read every day.
    How you change your level of thinking is by adding new ideas into your brain, and you do this through reading. Read business books, sales books, personal development books, relationship books, spiritual books, or anything that nourishes and nurtures your soul and helps you grow. Donít worry about reading volumes and volumes. Just make a commitment to reading at least two pages per day. You can always find time for that. You might end up reading two chapters but when you make a small and regular daily commitment to yourself, youíll keep it every day and will start to create a personal habit of daily discipline.

  3. Be honest with yourself.
    Itís good to have a healthy self image, but when it crosses that line into egocentric thinking, then self-honesty dissipates. I know this from my own experience, from having gone too far into the realm of over-importance. When you bring self honesty into your life, then you can really identify those areas that need to change, even though they might be ugly or uncomfortable. Once we can see them and be honest about them, then we can start to deal with them and change. Here are a few journaling questions that you can start with. Ask yourself, What things do I need to change about myself in order to get to where I want to go? What are the three things holding me back from growing as a person? What action steps do I need to take to make that change? Whatís the worst thing that could happen to me if I donít change? Whatís the worst thing that could happen to me if I take that step to make those changes?

Recruiting really is a personal development opportunity disguised as a job. I hope that you take this to heart and that you will develop the treasure of an abundant soul as well as create abundance in all the other areas of your life.

- Scott Love

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