June 21, 2018

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Why Do I Need a Website?

Believe it or not, that was an actual question from a prospect that I spoke with recently. Now of course I wanted to tell this gentleman, "Because it's 2008!!!" Luckily, the tactful part of my brain said, "To be honest, I've never been asked that question before." However, this got me to thinking, "Why does a company need a website?"

After thinking about it, my initial thought of "it's 2008!!!" didn't seem that crazy. Almost 99% of businesses in the United States have websites. The truth is, to be seen as a legitimate business, you need to have a website. But it's not enough to just have a website. It has to be functional and valuable to the visitor. Consider these facts...

  • Nearly 95% of prospects will check out your website BEFORE agreeing to a meeting with you.
  • More than 90% of candidates will review a company's website before applying for a job.
  • One in four candidates will decide NOT to apply with a company because of their website.

"What can my website accomplish?" Now you know why you need a great website, but let's also take a look at what a website can accomplish for your firm.

First Impressions

As Andre Agassi said, "You never get a second chance to make a first impression." What does your website say about you? If you are a 40 million dollar firm, does your website reflect that? Does it shout, "We're specialists?" Or does it leave people with the impression that you're just a commodity? Or worse?


How many staffing firms are in your market? And more importantly, why will a prospect choose you? Your website gives you an opportunity to truly distinguish yourself from the competition. The right copy, images, and features will help you demonstrate your unique value and create a compelling reason to use your services.


Want to create new sales opportunities? Want to sell higher margin services? Start by showing current clients and prospects new ways to use your services. Your website is an ideal place to offer educational content that teaches people more about when, why, and how to use staffing.

Enhance/Streamline Service Process

Is your website little more than an online brochure? If so, it's time to integrate your site into your service process to automate and streamline tasks. For example, you can allow candidates to apply online and complete testing, provide assignment orientations, collect and approve timesheets, allow clients to place orders, and improve communication with both clients and candidates.

"What do I really need?"

Hopefully, you're now asking yourself, "All of this is great, but how do I really get the best return on my website investment?"

Here are four ways to maximize ROI for your site:

1. Great Content

On the web, content is king, and your site should feature information that your clients and candidates will value. Your content may include:

  • Information about your services and why people should choose your firm over the competition.
  • Educational information that teaches people when, why and how to use staffing services.
  • Value added information—tips and ideas that help your clients and candidates with the kinds of problems you know they have (e.g., salary guides, job hunting tips, advice on managing employees, etc.).

Great content not only gives people a reason to visit your website, it also positions you as an expert and helps further differentiate your firm from the competition.

2. Useful Features

An effective staffing website must include features that make it easier for people to do business with your firm. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Features for employers:
  • Online employee request form
  • Feedback / employee evaluation forms
  • Timesheet approval
  • Ability to search your candidate database
  • Sample job descriptions
  • E-newsletter or article library with best practices in staffing

  • Features for job seekers:
  • Job board
  • Online application form
  • Online training
  • Job search tips
  • Assignment feedback forms
  • Orientation information

3. Intuitive Design

As a staffing firm, your website does not need to win awards for creative graphic design, BUT it should be attractive and easy to navigate. Want to get some free ideas on how to design your site? Learn from others, and feel free to borrow their best ideas. To gather ideas, research websites such as these:

  • Your competitors
  • National and international staffing firms
  • Suppliers of other products and services to HR
  • Suppliers of other professional services (e.g. attorneys, consultants)
  • Industry leaders with huge online budgets (e.g. Apple, Sony)
  • Webby award winning websites

When it comes to designing your site, the world's greatest market research is absolutely free. Get ideas from everywhere you can, determine the content and functionality you want to include, and then carefully lay out the structure so that it is fast and easy to get around your website.

4. Offers / Conversion

Of course, the greatest website in the world has no value if people don't take action after visiting. And your website must encourage clients and candidates to respond. Here are a few ideas for maximizing response:

  • Encourage job seekers to apply online
  • Allow candidates to opt-in for job search agents
  • Promote incentives for providing referrals
  • Offer free information, such as salary data or a whitepaper on hiring
  • Offer new clients a discount or other incentive to try your services
  • Offer candidates a free resume critique or offer help with their job search

-David Searns

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