June 19, 2018

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21 Tips for Closing Candidates

Part 1 of 2

Most recruiters know that you must not extend an offer to a candidate without a commitment to accept. Once you extend an offer of employment to a candidate, he will no longer share information with you as he has no incentive to do so. Therefore, itís your job to carefully orchestrate the offer and acceptance process.

But, what do you do if your candidate is hesitant or getting cold feet? How can you help him or her to move to a decision making posture?

Below I have outlined several tips for helping your candidates to act decisively. Some of the ideas are last resorts and some are standard questions to ask of every candidate. You would not necessarily act on all of the ideas below with a given candidate but itís a good idea to be aware of them so you can use them when the situation calls for action.

  1. Get leverage: Get the candidate to go over benefits of new job. Get him to review original reasons (pain) for making a change.

  2. Is the candidate aware that the client has other interviews in process?

  3. Ask, "On what day can you start?" This question often flushes out hidden objections.

  4. Ask, "What are your reservations?" The right language and scripts can go a long way toward increasing your effectiveness on the phone. Select here to see a book of scripts that can help.

  5. Ask, "Do you have any hesitations about the people?"

  6. Pull it away: "It sounds like you feel as though it may not the right opportunity for you at this time. Perhaps we should we tell them youíre not interested. What are your thoughts?"

  7. Pre-close 24 hour decision requirement: "Once the offer is generated, weíre going to ask you to be decisive and make a decision on the offer within 24 hours. Does this work for you?"

  8. Ask, "Are there any conditions, circumstances or relationships that could interfere with you accepting this offer"?

  9. Ask, "Do you have any hesitations about the company?"

  10. Ask, "Is there anything that we have not discussed that you feel hesitant about regarding this position?"

-Gary Stauble

Gary Stauble is the principal consultant for The Recruiting Lab, a coaching company that assists Firm Owners and Solo Recruiters in generating more profit in less time. Gary offers FREE how-to Articles, Tools & Special Reports online to assist you in building your firm. Learn more now at The Gold Mastermind Program is a powerful, results driven coaching program for Owners and their teams. For more information, go to The Gold Mastermind Program or call 408-849-4756.

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