June 19, 2018

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Sales Secrets Revealed From Other Industries

You’ve probably never heard of Joel Parker. He is a successful young entrepreneur and has figured out the keys to successful sales and customer service at such a young age. With only six years of business experience, he has learned the following:

  1. Identify the needs of your customer before you pitch your product or service to them. Joel understands that his purpose is to solve a personal problem for his customers, and to serve them in an emotional capacity. He knows that his customers make decisions based on emotional reasons, not intellectual ones. So when he makes first contact with them, he addresses the benefit of his service, not his service. He explains to his prospects how his service can benefit them on a personal level, and this appeals to their emotions. As a result, his customers usually end up saying ‘thank you’ to him at the conclusion of the transaction.

  2. Approach your customers with confidence and respect by developing a legitimate relationship with them. Joel never gets too close to his customers until he feels the relationship is developing at the proper pace. He never rushes the relationship, but lets it build to the point that serves his customers. He maintains appropriate distance and respect, but still is engaging and respectful. His sincere interest in them is what attracts them to him. And when you meet him, you know that he is sincere. Joel knows that self-serving manipulation is a turn-off in his competitive industry, and recognizes that his prospects can intuitively sense it.

  3. Identify patterns of buying behavior of previous customers, and use that to guide you in your marketing efforts. Don’t ‘profile’ your prospects based on appearance but rather qualify them based on the criteria of those in the past who have bought from you. Identify the characteristics of those previously satisfied customers, and use that as the guiding criteria in finding future prospects. In Joel’s business, he has learned that those prospects who are best suited to benefit from his service are sometimes the most poorly dressed. He doesn’t let appearance qualify or disqualify those who he tries to serve. Instead, he finds the ones who have the highest probability of benefiting from his service, and puts the odds in his favor by targeting the group most likely to buy based on circumstance and situation and not appearance.

  4. Don’t let the negative jealousy of your competitors drag you down. In Joel’s business, he is the envy of his competitors. Many have said that his success stems from luck and chance, but Joel knows better. He knows that it is the attitude of giving to others and seeking ways to serve them that has caused him to become successful in his business.

  5. Target your repeat customers, and make it easy for them to buy from you over and over. Joel has developed a broad client base, and goes well beyond what many of his competitors would do. He earns more than his competitors, but that’s because of the amount of contribution he makes in the lives of his loyal customer base.

  6. Have fun at what you do. Joel is completely fulfilled with his business and loves every minute of every day. It is this engaging work that compels him to succeed, and gives him an edge over his competitors.

By the way, if you are ever in Phoenix, you can find Joel at the baggage claim area in Terminal Four. He is an airport skycap and is a top producer in his company. I met Joel this week in Phoenix on the way to a speaking engagement. I asked him what separated him from all the other skycaps, and what I received was a short lesson on business success. Principles of success in business never change, whether you are selling recruiting services or microchips, or the services of moving luggage to the trunk of a car.

- Scott Love

Scott Love gives recruiters a step by step system that anyone can learn. If others can be successful in this business, so can you. As a consultant and trainer to the industry, Scott has helped organizations get better margins by improving their operational performance and client development strategies, and has helped recruiters to master the business and get better production with more peace of mind. Over 2,500 search firms and staffing agencies in sixteen countries have invested in their own performance improvement through his educational tools, seminars, consulting services, and training programs.

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