June 24, 2018

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Making Client Contact Through Email?

One of the subscribers to my online training center and coaching program emailed me a question about making first contact with a prospective client via email. He asked if it was effective to email a summary of a candidate looking to make a move to a prospective client that he has never spoken with before.

Unless there is a very specific solution that you know you can solve, such as knowing about a project that they are bidding on and knowing specifically that this particular candidate would help them land that project, then I would highly recommend making first contact via the phone.

There are several distinct disadvantages to making first contact through email. This is why.

Every relationship, to be effective, must possess an emotional context to it. A business relationship works the same way. If the only dimension your prospective client has of you is the flat words on a computer screen, then there will be a one-dimensional response as well: "I'm not interested."

How can you build rapport in an email? How do you overcome objections? How do you probe for the implications of unresolved needs and demonstrate how you can provide value through your solutions of placement?

Follow these three key concepts to achieve multiple outcomes when you make first contact with a prospective client:

  1. Remember, when you make first contact with a prospective client, you have multiple objectives. Let's use the MPC example. An MPC is the term given to a 'Most Placeable Candidate'. You can open up the door with prospective clients by introducing them to the value offered by placing them.

  2. So if you call them, and they say, 'We're not hiring,' you can respond this way: "You're not hiring?" Half the time they'll respond with, 'Well, we are hiring some people now but not as many as before.' Wow, that's a big difference. You don't get the chance to ask it that way through an email.

  3. If you can get a client talking, and opening up about their issues, then you have increased probabilities of getting a new client. (remember, recruiting is a game. For more examples of how I use game theory as a way to explain success in recruiting, visit my site at If you can get someone to engage you in a relationship and invite you in, then you have increased the odds of moving them to the next step. Sales is just a series of little steps of moving people forward to decisions that benefit them. And you can't do it if they don't engage you in a relationship. And you can't engage them in a relationship over email.

Email is a great follow-up tool and is a great way to reach multiple clients at the same time. But when it comes to making first contact with decision-makers who are going to decide whether or not to pay you what could amount up to hundreds of thousands of dollars, the human first contact over the phone works best.

- Scott Love

Scott Love gives recruiters a step by step system that anyone can learn. If others can be successful in this business, so can you. As a consultant and trainer to the industry, Scott has helped organizations get better margins by improving their operational performance and client development strategies, and has helped recruiters to master the business and get better production with more peace of mind. Over 2,500 search firms and staffing agencies in sixteen countries have invested in their own performance improvement through his educational tools, seminars, consulting services, and training programs.

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