June 24, 2018

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Creating Super-Reserves and the Power of Repetition

This monthly article gives you quick, easy-to-implement ideas on various subjects. This month’s topics have to do with creating super-reserves, leveraging the power of repetition and improving your marketing message.

Topic #1: Creating super-reserves

What are “super-reserves”? They are the perception or feeling of having an abundance of resources in all areas of your life such as time, money, clients, energy, health etc. How full are your reserves at the moment?

Questions to ponder:

  1. What would I define as a super-reserve in these areas of my life: money, time, clients, energy and health?
  2. What are 3 things I can do in the next 24 hours to make deposits to those reserves?

Examples of immediate action steps:

  • Open an ING Orange account ( for short term savings and set up an automatic withdrawal from your business account each month.
  • Commit to doing 200 pushups per day and mark each days total on a calendar.
  • Decide to be 10 minutes early for all appointments to create a feeling of time-abundance.
  • Spend 5 minutes a day focused on appreciation for all that you already have.
  • Say "No" to all requests for meetings and social events unless you're truly excited about them.
  • Stop saying these two things, “I’m tired” and, “I don’t feel well”- you’ll cure 50% of your ills.

Topic #2: Using the power of repetition to land new clients

How often are your prospects hearing from you? The lack of repetition may be the number one flaw in the majority of marketing plans that are failing. Recruiters and salespeople in general are notorious for working off of adrenaline and being disorganized. This often leads to spotty follow up and weak results. Often times our industry is enamored with the idea of “cold calls” rather than the cultivation of “warm calls” over time. Here are two important statistics to be aware of:

A. On average, it takes seven exposures to a new service before someone buys that service. That statistic is worth repeating: It takes seven exposures to a new service before someone buys that service. This stat may actually be low considering the current state of the economy. It may actually take something more like 9 or 10 exposures in the current economy.

B. The average sales person calls on a prospect two to three times before giving up completely. The sales person then moves on to “fresh” cold call prospects.

Do you see the glaring problem with those two statistics? In the past there was a two step courting process for gaining new clients. That is we would help prospects move from a “stranger” to a “client” with a series of contacts.

Today your prospects are oversaturated with billboards, spam, cold calls and bad sales pitches from your competitors. Because of these factors, they are less open to your offer and more skeptical about recruiters than ever before.

Today you need a longer courting process. There is now a three step courting process: you need to help your prospect move from a “stranger”- to a “friend”- and then to a “client”. To do this you need a seven step “slow drip system” by which you will expose your services to each prospect at least seven times over the course of six to twelve months. Topic # 2 in today’s article will discuss your actual marketing message.

Topic #3: How relevant is your marketing message?

How relevant is what you have to offer to your prospects? If you reach a large number of prospects and follow up with them regularly but have nothing relevant to offer, your plan will produce mediocre results at best. Today’s clients want a more sophisticated search partner, someone who can act as a consultant and surprise them by delivering more than what was expected.

Relationship building skills now play a much bigger role in marketing success. We are in the “service age” and clients want problem solvers who can help them save time, save money and increase productivity. A good way to stay relevant with prospects is to offer complimentary services that are tailored to them.

Here are some examples:

A. You can offer a content rich, narrowly targeted newsletter

B. Offer to conduct salary comparisons for them

C. Conduct a survey and send them the results

D. Offer special reports with relevant information

E. Deliver training to managers on effective interview techniques

F. Offer to be your prospects “talent scout” in the market place

G. Send them regular articles with a personal note

F. Ask for their perspective and advice.

- Gary Stauble

Gary Stauble is the Principal Consultant for The Recruiting Lab, a Consulting Company that provides Recruiting Professionals the Training, Tools and Systems to make More Placements with Less Effort. Gary offers several Free Special Reports on his website including, “$1 Million Time Management”, “15 Critical Candidate Questions” and “The 3 Things that Lead to Placements”. Get your copies now at