June 23, 2018

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2 Minute Recruiter Coaching Tips That Really Work

Gary Stauble's 2 Minute Coaching

This monthly article gives you quick, easy-to-implement ideas on various subjects. This month�s topics have to do with reducing spam, stacking appointments and client meetings.

Topic #1:

Create a "throw away" email address

If you find that you are receiving a lot of spam in your primary email account, you may want to create a "throw away" email address for all signups, newsletters, online product purchases etc. This allows you to sign up for things that require an email address without ever giving away your primary address. It enables you to create a "buffer zone" between potential spammers and your actual business email address.

Once you have the new throw away email address, you then forward it to your primary address. This means you still only need to check one email account. But, if the "throw away" email address eventually gets overrun with spam, simply delete the account and repeat the process. It is also a good idea to create the throw away address with a free service such as Yahoo or Google mail so that potential spammers would not even have your real domain.

Topic #2:

Utilize "trategic Stacking"

I do not like appointments. They break up the flow of my work day and lock me into a time frame that I may not want to stick with when they actually arrive. But, they are a necessary part of a recruiters work day so you have to learn how to schedule and execute appointments for maximum effectiveness.

"Strategic Stacking" means that you load batches of appointments on one day. So for instance, if you already have an appointment for next Thursday morning, try to make all new appointments for that same day. Also, within reason, try to schedule your appointments back to back as this greatly increases efficiency.

For instance, instead of interviewing candidates daily, interview them only on Tuesday and Thursday. Or only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Try to schedule them back to back at either the very beginning of the day, lunch time or the end of the day. This also keeps you in "interview mode" so that all your forms and resumes are organized and filed at the same time. Again, this increases efficiency.

Another example is that if I need to meet with candidates in person at a remote location, I will stack them very close together at a local coffee shop. I'll handle the real interview by phone, in advance, and then the in-person meeting will only be to confirm what we've already decided- they are a fit for a position that I have.

I will be sure to have 20 minutes of new information to cover with them so the meeting makes sense but I will let them know in advance that we will be meeting briefly to prep them for the employer. This way they are clear on what to expect and that it will be a quick meeting. Meeting at a coffee shop, rather than for lunch, will also allow you to stack appointments more easily.

Topic #3:

Shoot for a 1:1 success rate on in person client visits

There's a saying among dentists: "You have to drill and fill in order to bill". Meaning for service providers, you've got to be doing the work in order to bill and make money. Most of us recruiters are not paid per hour but we still have to be hyper sensitive about how we spend our time.

That's why I suggest that your success ratio for in-person client meetings should be close to one to one. Meaning, you're going to take essentially a half a day of productivity to meet with this client so it ought to be nearly a done deal before you ever leave your office. This is doubly important if you do contingency work as you have no guarantee that this client will ever pay you a fee.

If you think about fighting traffic, getting there early, an hour with the client, driving back to your office, and then trying to get back into a productive rhythm- you've really invested a lot by saying "yes" to that meeting. You're taking up a half a day of your life for that client. The 1:1 ratio isn't a hard and fast rule (and of course there are exceptions) but in most cases, the client meeting really ought to be a "final handshake" after you've decided to work together.

- Gary Stauble

Gary Stauble is the Principal Consultant for The "Recruiting Lab". He offers several Free Special Reports on his website including, "$1 Million Time Management". Get your copies now at His new website is called, "Done By Noon" and is focused on Time Management & Lifestyle Design training. You can get his new Report, "3 No B.S. Strategies for Increasing Productivity" at