June 22, 2018

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2 Minute Coaching - Prepping Candidates on Salary and More

Gary Stauble’s 2 Minute Coaching

This monthly article gives you quick, easy-to-implement ideas on various subjects. This month’s topics have to do with candidate prep, staying energized and referrals.

Topic #1: Prepping Candidates on Salary

There is probably no single area of the interview process that is so fraught with danger and emotion than the subject of money. Candidates often freeze when they hear the question, “what are you looking for in terms of salary”? As with most important subjects that are likely to come up during the interview, candidates should memorize their responses regarding salary in advance so that they sound polished. It is our job as recruiters to help them rehearse and prepare for this very important question.

Here are some things to cover with your candidates regarding salary:

Tell them that it’s ok to disclose their current salary, but not to disclose the specific dollar amount that they desire for a new position. Explain that they don’t want to price themselves too high or too low for the position. You might advise them to use this response that Peter Leffkowitz recommends, “Yes, money is one reason I'm here today, but more importantly, I am here about the opportunity. If you have an interest in me, I would like to entertain your strongest offer”. Or they might say, “I’m currently making $100K; I would be in the market for a fair and reasonable increase on my salary.” The point is to memorize their answer and to rehearse it in advance until it sounds natural.

Topic #2: Emotion is created by motion

The fastest method that I know for getting yourself into a powerful mental state is to move your body in deliberate ways at various points in your workday. Tony Robbins has said, "Emotion is created by motion", and if you test it out, you'll see that this is true. You can change your mental state (and relive stress) in many ways during the workday. Here are a few that you might try out:

  • Do a set of pushups on your office floor (I do this several times a day).
  • Practice deep breathing for 60 seconds.
  • Stand while talking on the phone, roll your shoulders back.
  • Get a desk that moves up or down and allows you to stand often.
  • Go for a 5 minute speed walk around your building.
  • Take the stairs (rather than the elevator).
  • Topic #3: 3 Easy Steps to Landing New Clients (via Referrals)

    If you became a master at landing new clients via referrals, it would mean that you would need to make far fewer cold calls and spend much less time prospecting. Being hired based on a referral crushes the normal sales cycle and shrinks the time it takes to land new business. Here are a few simple ways to land new clients via referrals from your existing client base.

    1. Ask! Ask your current clients who they know- especially after a successful placement. Ask candidates what managers they have respect for that they have worked for in the past.

    2. Offer your clients a bonus: Barbara Bruno recommends offering clients a $500 gift to their favorite charity or a gift card to Staples if you want to reward them for their referral. Once a client receives this type of reward, they will most likely be hooked and want to refer more clients to you.

    3. Form strategic alliances: Pay a commission to anyone (vendors, candidates etc) who can put you in touch with hiring authorities. You could pay 4%-15% of your fees from a new client for a period of 12 months to your strategic alliance partner. Formalize this with a simple agreement letter and start asking people who you think would be a fit.
  • - Gary Stauble

    Gary Stauble is the Principal Consultant for The “Recruiting Lab”. He offers several Free Special Reports on his website including, “$1 Million Time Management”. Get your copies now at His new website is called, “Done By Noon” and is focused on Time Management & Lifestyle Design training. You can get his new Report, “3 No B.S. Strategies for Increasing Productivity” at