June 25, 2018

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How to Get Motivated To Get on the Phone

I just finished lunch and this afternoon I am scheduled to spend the next four hours recruiting candidates via the phone. And I would much rather go play golf or catch a matinee.

So what do I do to put myself in a state that makes me want to do this?

Here are three ideas that work for me, and I’m sure you’ll see an immediate change in your emotional state if you ever hesitate about picking up the phone:

  1. Talk to a colleague or another recruiter about their recent placement. It will motivate you to get on the phone and find a good candidate.

  2. Read a book on sales, or specifically on telephone sales. I just read a chapter of Art Sobczak’s book ‘Smart Calling’.

  3. Call warm candidates first, those with whom you have spoken several weeks or months ago, or those who are actively interested in moving. Make these warm calls, what I call ‘jacuzzi calls’, and you’ll be amazed at how more motivated you are to start making your cold calls.

- Scott Love

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